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React Native Debugging Tools



React Native Debugging Tools

React Native Debugging Tools: With the help of debugging, you can assess your code and fix problems before the application is pushed into the production state. With the help of debugging, systematic checking of the code is done, which helps in the early discovery of errors. In short, we can say that debugging is an important part of React Native development lifecycle. It can save plenty of resources, time & money.

Although in react native, debugging can be slightly different from others as it is composed of different ecosystems. This means that various problems will need several tools for debugging. So the question arises of how debugging will work on React Native?. Due to the availability of the large selection of react native debugging tools that aid developers in quickly troubleshooting their codes.

To get the full advantage of debugging tool, you can hire react native developer to fix these errors in the development process rather than during the production phase. This brief post will explore a few popular options of react-native debugging used in the react development cycles.

Top React Native Debugging Tools

Following is the list of effective list of top react native debugging tools.


The first one on the list is Flipper Debugger. Flipper is a debugging platform for Android, iOS, and React Native apps. It is a desktop interface for visualizing and inspecting the application. It provides an architectural platform and can be extended using API. The plugins built on top of Network Inspector, Logs, and Layout inspector, make it useful. Flipper is shipped with some built-in plugins, but each plugin can be built on specific business logic. But you can create your customized plugin, but it should be kept in mind that every plugin needs to be enabled individually.

Chrome Dev Tools

One of the most widely used react native debugging tools in Chrome Dev Tools. Because it is written in JavaScript, it can be used to debug web and mobile apps. Because of its remote debugging capability, react native framework supports it by default. When running a React Native app, press Ctrl+M or shake the real device to access the in-app developer’s menu. Select Debug JS remotely from the menu that opens to launch the Chrome debugger. Press Ctrl + Shift + I in the terminal to access developer tools and debug the program with console statements. You can create breakpoints and debug the program with the Chrome dev Tool.

The Developer Menu

The developer menu comes with various options for developers to perform various things.

  • For reloading applications there is reloading is available
  • To view changes in the file, there is a hot reloading option.
  • Remotely debugging js to connect to a JS Debugger.
  • Live Reloading causes the app to re-render and reload entirely when the user saves the application.
  • For Toggling the interface, there is a Toggle Inspector option available. The interface has some in-built tabs such as performance and networking, where you can see HTTP calls. This interface allows developers to review the UI components and their properties.

React Native Debugger

React Native Debugger is the next debugger on our list. This desktop-only application, which works on Windows, Mac, and Linux, is one of the most popular debugging tools. It could be used with React’s Developer Tools and Redux tools. It is easy to install and does not entail having any setup. You can get some of the best features registered below with these combinations.

  • Profiler: Containing the assistance of a flame graph with components, you may use a profiler to find performance issues.
  • Elements: You may study, change, and display the output in an emulator using the element option.
  • Console: Debugging will reveal many warnings and error messages.
  • Network: network queries are recorded and checked
  • Memory: Memory leaks can be detected with this feature.
  • Sources: Used for debugging and graphing breakpoints while navigating through the code.


­Another one on the list is Reactotron. Developed by Infinite Red in 2016, it is an open-source desktop app. On GitHub, it has 13.5K stars with 877 forks. Using this tool to inspect apps has become quite effortless as it is available on various operating systems such as OSX, Linux, and Windows. Reactotron is full of great features which help you efficiently build apps for ReactJS and React Native. It can show API and response, track global errors, and show Async Storage. It has some the amazing features such as:

  • React Native Tab
  • State Tab
  • For tracking redux actions and Timeline tab events
  • Simultaneously run the various device
  • Quick switching debugging

Redux Dev Tools

Redux Dev Tool is a state container for JS application tools. It could be used for both React Native and React JS. It is used for inspecting actions and their impacts on the data, as well as it is used for state management. This tool allows the use of the redux debug component in the application. It also comes with features such as:

  • Chart
  • Real-time actions
  • Log monitor
  • Action & State tab
  • Export / Import Tab

You can add Redux DevTools Extension to chrome or firefox browser to use this tool.


Built by Facebook on the top of Atom, a renowned IDE, this tool can also be accessed as a Plug-in. A nuclide is an open-source debugging tool with features like jump-to-definition, auto-complete, inline errors, etc. With all these features provided by nuclide, it also provides services such as JavaScript development, hack & remote development; it also comes with a built-in debugger, task runner, and more.

React Native CLI

React Native CLI is mainly used for development, but it can also be a debugging tool. It is mainly used to access information about various libraries and dependencies used in the application. You can use this tool when there is a mismatch or a different version of the tool is used, and by the use of the collected information, these issues are resolved.


These are some of the most popular react-native debugging tools; however, this is not an exhaustive list, and in addition to the tools described here, there are several alternative debugging tools to consider during react native development, such as Expo, Flow, and Ignite. Apart from that, it is also dependent on which tool is best for your project, taking into account aspects such as the amount of time you have, the amount of money you have, and, most importantly, the project needs. Another thing to think about is which tool your developer prefers. If necessary, you may combine these capabilities to create our customized version more tailored to your needs.


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