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‘Meta AI’ Testing On WhatsApp And Instagram In Pakistan And India

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'Meta AI' Testing On WhatsApp And Instagram In Pakistan And India

(CTN News) – Meta AI, Meta’s generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) chatbot, is currently being tested on platforms such as Instagram and WhatsApp, in a variety of markets including Pakistan, India, and Africa, as it is currently in the testing phase.

There is a WhatsApp chatbot called Meta AI that takes direct message conversations to a whole new level, enabling users to engage directly in conversations, offering pre-programmed prompts or answering questions in real time.

As a result of Meta AI’s functionality on Instagram, users have the ability to interact with it not only through text interactions, but they can also utilize the feature to discover new content on Instagram.

By engaging with prompts provided by Meta AI, users can easily conduct searches within Instagram for specific content by engaging with prompts which appear on the platform.

There have been reports of users being able to request suggestions for Instagram Reels through the chatbot as well. The fact that Meta is expanding its functionality further underlines its intention to utilize generative AI for content discovery within the Meta platform as a whole.

According to a Meta representative, the company is actively testing a number of generative AI-based experiences, including Meta AI, in limited capacities, including various generative AI-powered experiences.

As a result of the use of Llama 2 (Large Language Model Meta AI 2), the chatbot is capable of understanding complex queries and delivering user-friendly real-time information that can be easily assimilated.

It is expected that Meta will continue to test Meta for several more months, soliciting user feedback, and addressing any issues that may arise subsequently before considering a wider rollout of Meta AI.

There is a great opportunity for Meta to display its advanced language model and image generation capabilities to a vast global audience as a result of the integration of Meta AI into WhatsApp and Instagram.

By taking such a step, Meta may have the opportunity to position itself as a leader when it comes to AI-powered interactions, surpassing the reach and functionality of its competitors.


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