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How’s Your Snapscore? How Snapchat Scores Your Profile And How To Improve It.



How's Your Snapscore? How Snapchat Scores Your Profile And How To Improve It.

(CTN News) – If you are a first-time Snapchat user or have been sharing photos and videos with your bestie for a long time, here is a guide to Snapscores that can help you out.

What is Snapscore and how does it work?

In an email to USA TODAY, Snapchat confirmed that it does not disclose the equation it uses to calculate your Snapscore, which is based on the number of Snaps and Snapchat Stories you send and receive.

What is the progress of your Snapscore?

In spite of the fact that it is unclear how many points you receive for each Snap or for each post on your Story, what is clear is that you can increase your Snapscore simply by using the app.

The best way to increase your score is to post to your Story and send Snapchats back and forth frequently.

Your Snapscore can be viewed by clicking here

If you click on the upper left corner of the app, you will be able to see your Snapscore in a circle with either your Bitmoji or Story. Below your name and username is a ghost icon that indicates your score.

Here is how you can view your friends’ Snapscores

Find out your friend’s score by searching for their name or finding them in your recent chat history by searching for their name. Clicking on the circle next to their name with their Bitmoji or Story will bring you to their profile page where you can learn more about them.

A ghost icon appears below their Bitmoji and username, along with their Snapscore, which is displayed next to their Snapscore.

To see how much a friend’s Snapscore has changed since the last time you checked it, you must be a Snapchat+ subscriber in order to see how much has changed in that friend’s Snapscore since you last checked it.

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