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How to Dress for a Video Conference?

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How to Dress for a Video Conference?

How to Dress for a Video Conference? –  You can do without a business suit, but you should not forget about decency. You can often find such opinions among the people around you:

I have recently been working remotely, and I wonder if there are already some norms for appearance and is it permissible to participate in a video conference in home clothes?

Naturally, it is not the first question that comes to mind when thinking about video conferencing.

First you need to choose a program by reading iMind reviews, consulting with friends, and only then think about the appearance.

Questions are often asked oneself, but it is always worth remembering the peculiar rules of etiquette that today apply to virtual processes.


Here you need to imagine: if you were forced to hold a business meeting at home on video conference, what would you look like?

I think most of us would wear something other than underwear and a towel. But you can also say that sitting in a suit, tie and boots in the middle of your own kitchen is also not a good idea.

Therefore, the most logical thing is to choose clothes that would match both the format of the meeting and the place in which it takes place.

The three-piece suit will look just as ridiculous on a video conference call from home as teddy bear pajamas, so casual is a safe bet.

And it is desirable that a suitable outfit be worn not only above the waist. You may need to get up from the table during the broadcast.

Take care in advance that you do not have to hide pajama bottoms or beach shorts from the camera.


Not everyone can afford to organize a full-fledged workplace at home.

But everyone can just sit with their backs to the wall during a video conference – then nothing extra will fall into the frame.

Any wall looks much more formal than a mountain of dishes or scattered children’s toys in the background.

Parallel actions

There are actions that will indicate disrespect to the participants of the video call:

  • smoking;
  • washing dishes;
  • walk in the park;
  • meal.

By this you show that the meeting is not important to you. Would you be doing other things at the same time if the meeting was not online, but in the office?

Of course, it is acceptable to take notes related to the topic of the meeting.

Only, if you type on the keyboard, turn off the microphone so that the interlocutors do not have to listen to the sound of your keys.

Usually work is a unity of time and place. During working hours we come to the workplace.

Now a lot of people are working from home, but it’s still a job. Therefore, it makes sense to treat all meetings, even if they take place online, accordingly.

Remember that remote work may end, and you will have to meet with colleagues and partners face to face.

You will again cease to be virtual characters for each other. And everything you did while working online will become part of your professional reputation.

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