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GameStop’s New Deal: PS5 Games For $5.



GameStop's New Deal: PS5 Games For $5.

(CTN News) – GameStop currently offers a wide selection of discounted PS5 games, with two particularly notable deals that reduce the price of two popular games to just $5.

This is a significant discount considering that one of these games typically costs $70, while the other is priced at $60 on the PlayStation Store.

In total, this represents a substantial savings of $120 if you were to purchase both games at their full price. These deals are indeed great opportunities for gamers.

However, it is important to note that the duration of these $5 offers is uncertain. GameStop has not disclosed the specific timeframe for these limited-time discounts.

Therefore, it is possible that by the time you read this, these deals may have already expired. It is worth mentioning that both games mentioned, The Callisto Protocol (2022) and Scarlet Nexus (2021), are brand-new copies.

In this futuristic survival horror game, players control Jacob Lee, a victim trapped in a nightmarish prison on Jupiter’s moon, Callisto.

As chaos erupts and inmates transform into terrifying creatures, Jacob must navigate the prison’s corridors, uncover secrets, and fight for his life.

Players will use a combination of shooting and close-quarters combat, adapting their strategies with a variety of weapons.

Scavenging for gear and abilities is crucial for survival, as the danger escalates and creatures become more powerful. The game’s dynamic AI system ensures unique encounters, keeping players on edge. Jacob’s ultimate goal is to survive.


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