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The Price of a 12.9-Inch iPad Pro With iPadOS 16 is Less Than 325 Euros Today



The Price of a 12.9-Inch iPad Pro With iPadOS 16 is Less Than 325 Euros Today

(CTN New) _ With this Amazon deal, you can get an iPad with a large screen and good quality for less than 325 euros.

A device that dazzled the whole market at the time and still remains an interesting option for many people.

  We are not dealing with the latest iPad, which costs 1,200 euros, but we are dealing with a very interesting device.
It has a great screen, very good speakers, and excellent autonomy, making it ideal for viewing multimedia content. Amazon has this 12.9″ Pro for only 324.89 euros.

You won’t find a model of this size for such a low price anywhere else. The current model costs 1,200 euros, something that not everyone can afford.

It doesn’t matter if it is a refurbished iPad, we have Amazon Renewed one year warranty.

This means that if during the first year the device doesn’t impress you or it breaks, Amazon will refund your money without questions and instantly.

It is also compatible with iPadOS 16, even if it is a few years old, but they cure it, proving that the processor still works well.
During the coming months, you will be able to read about all the updates and improvements Apple introduces.

Specifications of this iPad Pro

This iPad Pro 12.9-inch first generation has not very current specifications, it’s a device with several years on the market.

However, it’s still a good option for those who want a large screen and updated to iPadOS 16.

  • Integral lamination on 12.9 Retina display.
  • The A9X processor has an integrated M9 coprocessor.
  • 12 Mpx rear cameras.
  • FaceTime HD front camera.
  • Touch ID to securely authenticate and use Apple Pay.
  • Four speakers and two high-quality microphones.
  • Up to 10 hours of autonomy.
  • Lightning connector to charge the and connect accessories.
  • It supports Smart Keyboards thanks to the Smart Connector and Apple Pencil.
  • With iPad OS 15 and upgradable to OS 16.
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