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Employee Monitoring Software: The 5 Must-Have Features

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Employee Monitoring Software

Employee monitoring software is an excellent solution for monitoring employees, keeping track of productivity, boosting efficiency, and ensuring compliance. The software’s design should make it easier to monitor employee activity and manage projects making it an invaluable tool for any business. Choose the right features to get the most out of employee monitoring software. The blog post will discuss crucial features of employee monitoring software to help you achieve your business goals without much hassle.

Ability to Take Screenshots

One of the most important features of employee monitoring software is the ability to take screenshots, whether random or at intervals. Screenshots allow supervisors and managers to see what employees are doing while they are at work. The best employee monitor software will take screenshots that help managers identify potential issues or inefficiencies and ensure that employees stay productive.

In addition, being able to take screenshots can help employers spot any malicious activity or misconduct on the part of employees. In case of suspicious activity, employers can quickly review the screenshots and take appropriate measures. By having this feature, companies can protect their data, reputation, and customers from potential threats. However, the screenshot feature should not be a spying feature but rather a feature that enhances transparency.

Clock-in Feature When Starting Assignment

Having employee monitoring software that features a clock-in by employees when starting an assignment is critical for any business. The clock-in feature allows the employer to track employee start and end times, ensuring that employees complete their assigned tasks.

The feature can also be beneficial in verifying the accuracy of time cards employees submit, helping prevent payroll errors or disputes. Additionally, this feature ensures that employees are not taking excessive breaks during their shifts. That can help to improve overall productivity as well as save businesses money.

Project and Task Tracking Feature

Project and task tracking is a crucial element of any employee monitoring software. Managers can use their dashboards to keep track of their team’s progress and set realistic goals for each task. The feature can help businesses stay organized, ensure that employees complete tasks on time, and increase overall productivity. With project and task tracking, managers can view reports that provide insights into how much time a particular job took, who worked on it, and whether or not the task was successful.

Employers can also assign specific tasks to certain employees, set deadlines for completion, and monitor the progress of each project from start to finish in real time. That allows managers to ensure that their teams are working efficiently and that all tasks are completed on time, thus reducing the chances of project failure. By incorporating this feature into their monitoring software, businesses can ensure that their teams remain productive and organized.

Ability to Generate Summaries, Custom Reports, and Statistics

Generating reports and gathering insights from employee performance is an essential function of employee monitoring software. Summary reports, custom reports, and statistics are all necessary components to help managers understand how their teams perform and make informed decisions about future strategies and plans.

Having the ability to generate a summary, custom reports, and statistics in an employee monitoring system allows you to review and analyze the information like;

  • Work hours
  • Cost per project
  • Project Progress
  • Employees output
  • Project workloads
  • Key performance indicators

The information can also help create accurate invoices and enhance transparency. Reports and statistics enable managers to make informed decisions about team direction.

Ability to Operate Across Various Platforms

The ability to operate across multiple platforms ensures that the employee monitoring software is compatible with your staff’s devices to access the software. That means that no matter which device or platform they are using, employees can still clock in, and the software can still track their activity and enable you to monitor their performance.

The feature helps you ensure that the managers can monitor all employees equally, no matter what platform they are using. It is crucial to ensure that you hold each employee to the same standards and expectations, no matter what platform they use. The ideal employee monitoring solution will function seamlessly across different operating systems on Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, macOS, etc.


Employee monitoring software is a must-have tool to help employers gain better insight into their employees’ activities, performance, and workflow. It can also help track progress, ensure the completion of tasks on time, and ensure that employees work productively.

When selecting an employee monitoring software, employers should look for features such as clock-in capability when starting assignments, taking screenshots, project and task tracking, generating summaries, custom reports, and statistics.

However, it’s crucial to identify software that offers ease of use, deployment, accuracy, scalability, and data security. Employers can get the insights they need to make better business decisions with the right employee monitoring software.

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