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How to Prepare for AWS Certificate Exam in 2023



How to Prepare for AWS Certificate Exam

Many friends preparing for AWS certificate exam suffer from not knowing where to start cloud computing learning. They are afraid to read the complex official AWS documents, and they are shocked by the official 1,000 page study guide. Therefore, SPOTO sorted out this article to give all friends who have just started cloud computing or Amazon AWS a clear learning direction.

If you are from a non IT industry, or if you are not a practitioner in the IT industry, but are interested in joining the cloud computing industry, AWS certification spoto solution online is a good start (note that even if you pass the exam, there are still many places that need to be advanced in the follow-up).

However, in the process of learning, you still need to read a lot of extracurricular materials to supplement some basic IT knowledge. For example, you need to know what is hard disk Raid0 and Raid1, what is fast storage, file storage and object storage, what is virtualization, and so on.

Non IT industry personnel need to learn a lot at the beginning. It is suggested to write down when they encounter unfamiliar terms and make good use of major search engines for supplementary learning. Because there are too many extracurricular materials, I won’t list them one by one here.

In addition, it is suggested that when learning AWS, we should first study according to the examination contents of the AWS Course. This examination is the simplest one in AWS certification, and it is also more suitable for sales, management or other non-technical personnel to study AWS technology.

If you are from the IT industry with certain experience, or if you have a bachelor’s degree in IT related major and have a certain foundation, it will be easier to get started in the cloud computing industry.

AWS Certificate – Solution Architect

You can get started from AWS Certified Solution Architect – Assistant, complete certification study and obtain relevant certificates. In addition to common infrastructure information, you will also learn new knowledge about DevOps, containers, no services, CI / CD, IOT and so on.

Cloud computing is a booming industry, which is also changing with each passing day. For example, AWS released 1900+ new services / features in 2018, so this industry has new knowledge to learn every day.

The following is the most important part of the resources you need to refer to for the AWS exam, which is to learn what better resources can be used to help you speed up the learning process.

Be sure to open a free AWS account, and then go to the console to practice. Practice makes perfect.

There are many common questions about AWS services in official FAQ. The questions are often found in real scenes, and many knowledge points of examination will also appear here. We must look at the FAQs of all basic services.

According to the official Well Architect white paper, architecture improvement is a required course for architects, and it is also a place where many examinations will be involved.

Finally, I wish all friends who are preparing for AWS to pass the exam successfully, and share their valuable experience with the forum, so that more latecomers can benefit!

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