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Devops Consulting: The advent of Agile development methods marked a new era in software development: the era where you have to run with all your might just to ensure that your product remains relevant and up-to-date. Just what Alice had to do, stuck in her mirror dimension.

Not only do you have to keep up with the constantly changing environment of new technologies, your competitor is also one click away. Take too long to roll out an update they’ve been asking for, and poof: they are already subscribing to someone else.

One of the many factors ensuring that you stay in the game for as long as you want is DevOps – a set of practices for development and IT operations. DevOps can drastically increase the amount of time you spend in one production cycle; long gone and forgotten are the days of delayed releases and horrendous mismanagement in the company. However, that does require headhunting skilled specialists first.

That is why DevOps consulting services exist. Outsourcing knowledgeable consultants is a great way to cut down on time and costs and get ready to implement the whole concept in record times.

Wait, so what does DevOps even mean?

Just a set of practices for both software development and IT operations – hence the name. Have you ever seen that one GIF that compares the time needed to do something by yourself vs doing that same thing as a team? It might be a joke, yes, but it is a pretty accurate joke. The bigger your company is, the more difficult it will be to organize efficient interactions between the development team and the operations team.

You may have the brightest workaholics under your wing following Agile methodologies to the T, but as long as they have to compromise and discuss the project with other members, the time spent in these discussions will continue to look like a gaseous substance to an independent observer.

So, again, this is why we need DevOps. It takes all the basics of Agile, such as daily standups and CI/CD (continuous integration/continuous development), and expands their influence outside the dev team. And you gotta thank automation for making the CI/CD pipelines possible in the first place.

How does DevOps speed up production?

  • Testing automation. We love our junior manual testing engineers as much as you do, but they have their limits as humans. Let something like Jenkins take care of regression testing while young and passionate specialists are focused on exploratory tests.
  • Quick defect reporting. DevOps utilizes continuous monitoring software to ensure that the dev team is getting updates on user experience in real-time. This lets them react to bugs and failures with utmost urgency.
  • Containers. Have you ever had anyone on your dev team suggest adoption of Docker to ensure that the product you are making behaves identically across multiple environments? That is exactly what you should do.
  • Time saved on testing and troubleshooting can be applied elsewhere – and, hopefully, in a more productive manner.

Okay, so what are DevOps consulting services?

Training a DevOps team can take quite a while, and the market for your product may change drastically in the meantime. Sure, you can also try to introduce the practices to your project yourself, but what if you do not have any experience in this area or are short on time?

So, let’s just outsource this. Hire a DevOps engineer instead of an engineer – this usually comes with a higher initial pay but works out better in the long run.

Your freshly acquired consultant will come packed with all their expertise and professional advice on how to implement DevOps. Not only that, but if your business has already adopted the methods, bringing in an external specialist may improve the situation even further.

The consultant may offer the following services:

  • Audit. It is pretty much expected that a consultant will thoroughly audit your current situation before offering any advice.
  • Initial discussion. Also pretty much a given, as it is impossible for the DevOps consultant to provide any suggestions without learning what your product vision is.
  • Pipeline automation. As we mentioned above, the introduction of CI/CD pipelines will speed up the production times by a significant amount and let your team apply their valuable time elsewhere.
  • Infrastructure modernization. It is quite likely that there is some archaic technology or internal product slowing down your production; time to get rid of it properly.
  • Maintenance. The consultant may offer you their services on a continuous basis instead of a short-time contract.


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