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ChatGPT Alternatives For 2023



ChatGPT Alternatives For 2023

(CTN News) – OpenAI released ChatGPT in November 2022. It’s taken the world by storm since it came out. It’s getting a lot of traction fast. A Chat GPT is a Chat Generative Pre-Trained Transformer. According to facts, Chat GPT is built so it can interact with users conversationally.

It gives natural answers so you can have natural conversations with the chatbot. A lot of attention is being paid to the AI model chatGPT right now.

Even before this chatbot was launched, several alternatives existed to answer one’s questions. Here are some viable alternatives to GPT chat.

What’s so great about Chat GPT?

Within a short time, ChatGPT gained huge popularity. It’s got tons of benefits and can do anything humans can do. But it does have some limitations too. Therefore, it shouldn’t be relied on 100%. These are some of the limitations of the Chat GPT:

  • Before 2021, ChatGPT couldn’t give you answers.

  • It can’t make graphics or visuals. That’s why it gives you text answers.

  • Voice commands and responses aren’t supported.

  • There are times when Chat GPT becomes unresponsive, like when there’s a lot of traffic. An error message shows that GPT Chat is full or down.

  • Chat GPT’s premium version costs money that not everyone can afford.

Alternatives to ChatGPT in 2023

A unique way of responding is what has made Chat GPT so popular around the world. Chat GPT is not the only alternative to try out.

Alternatives to chat GPT are custom built to accomplish a specific task. In addition to chat GPT, users can use YouChat, Character AI, Chinchilla, Replica, etc. Besides GPT chat, there are a few other alternatives.


Youchat is powered by OpenAI’s GPT 3. In addition to being a search engine, it is also a chatbot. YouChat provides information about all current events.

In addition to providing accurate answers, it also provides related search results. Chat GPT cannot answer questions about events after the year 2021. Therefore, YouChat has an advantage over Chat GPT.

Sonic Chat

Created by Writesonic, ChatSonic is the latest in pre-trained dialog response systems. You can find answers to your questions on Google.

A free Chat GPT substitute uses NLP and machine learning to provide accurate insights. Through a GPT3 chatbot, ChatSonic gives you accurate, reliable data.

This is DialoGPT.

Microsoft’s DialoGPT is a large-scale pre-trained dialogue response generation model. Unlike chat GPT, it is designed for multi-turn conversations.

Multiple dialogue exchanges can be conducted using the replies it produces.

DialoGPT features

DialoGPT has the following main features:

  • Similar to GPT-2 outputs, DialoGPT contains details about the original prompt.

  • Conversational in nature, it is highly interactive.

  • DialoGPT responds decently.

  • With light-hearted and lively conversations, it could suit your needs.


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