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In Threads’ Latest Update, Reposts Are Given More Prominence

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In Threads' Latest Update, Reposts Are Given More Prominence

(CTN News) – There hasn’t been a web version of Threads released yet, but the app has just been updated to give more prominence to reposts on the social network than they did in the past.

Two things have changed regarding reposts on the Meta app as a result of these changes.

It is now possible for people to quickly scan through all reposts made by a particular user by clicking on the “Reposts” tab on their profile page, for example.

As of this month, Twitter has added a new feature to the settings page where users can get a glimpse of their favorite posts based on the ones they have liked in the past.

The second improvement is that Threads users will now have the option to see reposts in the reverse-chronological “Following” feed as well.

In the past, other users’ reposts could only be found in the algorithmic “For You” feed, which was only available as of the most recent update.

In a statement, Instagram head Adam Mosseri told the media that this change is the result of “your feedback.”

There has probably been no greater change than the Threads introduction of the Retweet function to Twitter’s service, which was added in 2009, as it became one of the most significant additions to its service.

It is likely, however, that as a result of this change, more posts will appear on the “Following” feed in the future, as a result of this change in the algorithm.

This is part of a series of hooks developed by the Threads team in order to increase engagement, which has dwindled over the years due to a lack of engagement.

In the last month, the Threads app has added new features for users to share their posts directly to Instagram feeds or to send them via Instagram direct messages since the app launched last month.

Nonetheless, it would have been nice if there had been a web version of Threads available at the time when X (formerly Twitter) made Tweet Deck an exclusive feature for subscribers back in the summer.


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