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Apparently, Spotify Makes Public The Playlists Of Its Users



Apparently, Spotify Makes Public The Playlists Of Its Users

(CTN News) – Following allegations by users that Spotify had made their private playlists public without their consent, Spotify has been subjected to scrutiny in what is shaping up to be a widespread privacy controversy related to the service’s use of private playlists.

As a matter of fact, this situation reminds me of a similar issue that was flagged back in March, raising concerns about a possible pattern of an ongoing privacy violation.

It became apparent that there was a controversy when users reported this unexpected change on Twitter and Spotify’s community forums.

According to @SpotifyUSA,

All of my private playlists were silently made public without my consent and I believe my wife also had the same experience,” tweeted Microsoft Edge Project Manager William Devereux in response to the incident.

“That’s an absolutely unacceptable violation of your privacy. Anyone else noticed this happening recently? No changes have been made to my privacy settings.”

In March, similar reports appeared on Spotify’s forum, with a music curator who uses Spotify professionally being reported as one of the affected users.

The user on Spotify’s forums wrote: “I have revisited some lists I made a few months ago, and they are now all public now. Looking at more and they are now public as well!”.

This is so strange. Why has this happened? Is there a way to make bulk lists private? I don’t want to spend days of my life changing them one by one, there are more than 1400 lists, and I am unable to invoice since it will take time away from my income.”

During the month of March, a user came up with a theory stating, “The actual settings of our playlists haven’t changed.”

As a result of this, all playlists that were previously referred to as ‘private’ and ‘public’ are now referred to as ‘public’, since they are not actually private, but can be shared via links.

A suggestion was also made that a new level of truly private playlists should be available that could not even be reached through a link, and the only playlists that could be accessed via search or the ‘Discovered on’ section on the artist pages would be those that were marked as ‘on profile’.

According to Spotify users, their recent experiences indicate that there is a different problem than what the theory suggests.

In their opinion, their playlists were originally marked as private when they created them, and they are shocked to find out that they were inexplicably made public without their knowledge or consent.


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