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6 Random facts About Binance You Should Know (2023)

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6 Random facts About Binance You Should Know (2023)

When it comes to crypto exchanges, the first name that comes to mind is Binance. It is quite possibly of the biggest exchanges on the planet with regards to the day-to-day trading volume.

The main exchange will see a great many elements and backing for numerous government-issued types of money. Currently, Binance has completed five years as a crypto exchange and has grown to a great extent.

Binance also has its coins available, including Binance Coin or BNB. It has also created its own NFT marketplace as well as its blockchain known as Binance Smart Chain which was created primarily to run smart contract-based apps.

Today in this blog we are going to tell you about the Binance random facts which can be beneficial for you to know. There are many platforms like Bitcoin Earn Pro System which can let you trade bitcoin easy and at the same time safely.

1. Binance Origin Story

Binance was born because of the game of poker. More precisely during the year 2013, CZ learned a few things about Bitcoin during a poker game at home.

And since then he has been intrigued by crypto and the potential it has to offer and has since moved to a crypto wallet provider within the crypto, marketplace to gain practical experience. Shortly after that, during the year 2017, he started Binance.

2. You can watch the live stream in the Binance app.

There are several conferences made free and accessible to those using Binance. The Binance application as a platform isn’t only for getting to crypto – you can likewise observe the free live stream of this Blockchain Week gathering and other cool crypto occasions.

All you have to do is log in to the app, then you will have the option of [More] and tap on that, and then you have to scroll down until you reach [Gifts and Campaigns].

After which you will have a Binance Live button in front of you, after clicking on it you can explore topics from GameFi to NFT or even watch the livestream happening in real-time.

3. WORD you must have heard about, but what is it?

WODL is a kind of popular game besides, there is crypto tech on WORDLE. Nonetheless, crypto fans are being tested to settle all the WODL puzzles in only three tries!

All you have to do to play is log in to your Binance app and tap on [More], and then scroll down and reach [Gifts and Campaigns] and tap on WODL, after which you can start guessing. can do.

4. A charitable arm called Binance Charity.

During the year 2019 a charity poker tournament was held, the result of which – made possible by Binance Charity – where over US$170,000 was raised and solar panels were installed as well as materials were distributed to 15 schools in Uganda.

Furthermore, in addition to charity poker tournaments, Binance Charity has made sure to leverage crypto to further accelerate its mission, which includes keeping the donation process transparent, fast, and easy through the virtues of blockchain technology, and Using NFTs for Good.

Likewise, you ought to look at the continuous Binance good cause activities to which you can give whenever.

6. Utility Factor

By using Binance Coin, users can reduce trading fees on the Binance exchange and earn interest as well. In this way, Binance is also able to power the blockchain platform Smart Chain by which smart contracts are enabled.

While Ethereum has been seen at the forefront of the smart contracts race, its network has seen a lot of congestion as well as an increase in transaction fees. Therefore, now most of the developers are moving to other platforms, with Binance being the preferred one.

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