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5 Best Free Unlimited VPN for PC You Must Try

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5 Best Free Unlimited VPN for PC You Must Try

Everyone has different use cases when it comes to selecting a VPN for their PC. Some people want the best online safety while others are looking to access region-locked content. However, one thing that is similar among many people is that they look for free unlimited VPN for PC. While many VPNs only offer a free trial, here we have listed the top 5 options that provide unlimited free usage for as long as you want.

5 Best Free Unlimited VPN for PC You Must Try

Here are the top 5 VPN options that provide free unlimited usage on PC to everyone.

iTop VPN


iTop VPN users are provided with free plans where they get unlimited bandwidth and can access various servers located in different locations. It gives a strong 256 AES encryption designed to protect your personal information.

Moreover, iTop VPN does not keep any logs, meaning your online activities cannot be tracked. An interface that is friendly to the user helps in making connections easier and using it, thus making iTop VPN a reliable option for all types of VPN needs.

Atlas VPN


Atlas’ free version offers access to servers in 3 countries and unlimited data. The security with the AES-256 key and the strict no-logs policy will preserve your privacy. The free version comes with some basic usefulness such as a kill switch, making it a perfect selection for users who want to get reliable and secure access to VPN for free.

Proton VPN


Proton VPN has an edge among the free service options with the truly unlimited plan that provides access to servers in 3 countries without data limits. It brings strong encryption techniques as well as maintaining a strict no-log policy that protects your privacy and security.

In addition to this, a free version comes with DNS leak protection and a kill switch that takes Proton VPN to the top for users who value their online privacy. free version allows 10GB of data per month, with the possibility of connecting with five places. For its part, it has solid security features, such as AES-256 encryption as well as a zero-logs policy.

Its free version comes with a kill switch and DNS leak protection functions that prevent any leakage of your private data on the web. Hide. us is a good choice for users who require a safe and user-friendly VPN.

Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield’s free version comes with unlimited bandwidth and a single server location. It has strong encryption for data protection but the no logs policy for privacy is not provided in the free version.

Along with its free version that is equipped with basic security functionalities, this service can be used as a good alternative for people who do not want to spend their money but still want to take advantage of reliable and safe VPN access

Things to Be Careful About When Selecting a Free Unlimited VPN for PC

Since you are choosing a free unlimited VPN for your PC, there are a few things that you must be careful about. It is because VPN providers do not provide all the features in their free versions so you must know which features you will get before starting.

The Difference Between Free Version Vs Free Trial

Knowing the difference between a free version and a free trial is a vital factor. The free version makes available unlimited usage of its services with no time limitation while the free trial gives full access to features for a limited period.

This is the difference that you should know in advance in order not to be surprised and pick a VPN you need for a long time without unexpected fees.

Check if the Performance Figures Meet Your Requirements

Make sure that the performance of the free VPN is high, in terms of both speed and reliability. Free VPNs often offer only a few server options and low bandwidth, which can make the connection speed very low.

Test the VPN’s performance by doing a speed test to make sure that it gives you the speed and stability needed for your online activities, such as streaming, gaming, or browsing.

There Must Be a Strict No-logs Policy

To keep your privacy, a complete no-logs policy should be enforced. A free VPN service is where your browsing history, IP addresses, and personal data are not being kept under surveillance or shared with anyone. Ensure that the VPN’s privacy policy upholds the principle of no log policy before use to safeguard your data from misuse.

Check if You Are Getting the Same Type of Encryption as Paid Users

Make sure that the free version of the VPN offers the same level of encryption as the paid version. High-level encryption like AES-256 is essential to secure your information from cyber criminals.

Therefore, a free version offers free encryption that allows your online activity to remain secure even if you don’t pay for a premium subscription.

Know Which Features Are Restricted for Premium Users

Analyze the difference between free and paid versions concerning features that are not available like DNS leak protection, kill switch, etc. Some free VPNs may deny access to servers, improved security features, and customer service.

When you are aware of these drawbacks, you will be in a better position to make the right decision on whether the free version is enough or if you need to go for the paid one.

Make Sure That the Free Usage Does Not Come at the Cost of Periodic Ads

Many free VPNs earn income by showing ads to their users. Make sure you evaluate the free version you would like to use so that you don’t experience ads that will interfere with your browsing.

Adverts that rarely occur are fine, but the ones that are frequent and disturb users will affect usability and performance. It results in making VPN use a bit inconvenient.


Picking a free unlimited VPN for PC means that you are staying away from free trials and money-back guarantees. At the same time, it also means that you will be restricted from using some of the most useful features. So, choose your free VPN wisely, and to stay safe from any problems in the future you must check which features you will miss in the free version.

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