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What are the Most Popular Traditional Sports in Thailand

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Traditional- Sports - Thailand

Thailand is rich in its colourful culture. The sports of Thailand are more festive than what anyone from outside Thailand can imagine. In this article, I will talk about some of the much-loved Thai traditional sports.

Countries around the globe are rich in diverse cultures. The dress, language, music, literature, folklore, dances, lifestyles, and sports all work together to make a culture distinct and create an identity for a particular culture.

Thailand is in the center of the Southeast Asian Indochinese peninsula. It took sips from different cultures like Burma and Cambodia and developed a wide range of sports popular within the country while keeping its original and traditional sports intact.

Some of the most famous traditional Thai sports are Kite fighting, Longboat racing, Water buffalo race, Takraw, Sepak Takraw, Tak Ball, etc. In this article, sports news enthusiasts will learn about some of these most popular traditional sports in Thailand.

Len Wow (Kite Fighting)

Kite fighting has immense popularity in Thailand and is known as one of Thai traditional sports and is even a league sport. Len Wow has an unknown origin and probably has connections to religious and ceremonial traditions of Thailand.

The kite-flying tradition has been around for quite a long time in Thailand. However, since the monarchy of Ramkamhaeng of the Sukhothai period, Thai people have been conducting kite fighting as a traditional sports festival.

The kite fighting championship in Bangkok is of great interest and is held from February to June. There are two types of kites that the Thai people fly during this festival.

There is the male kite Chula, a star-shaped kite that takes about twenty men to fly; And there is the female kite named Pakpao. This kite is lighter and has a diamond-like shape, and only one man can fly the Pakpao.

Traditional- Sports - Thailand

Kaeng Ruer( Longboat Racing)

Longboat racing has been in the Thai tradition for hundreds of years. The practice has its roots in the Ayutthaya period. The annual longboat racing in Thailand is hundreds of years old. The race takes place on a 650 meters course on the Nan River in a 20-meter-long teak dugout boat.

Around thirty men or more row the boats to win the race. Women occasionally join the race.

According to the statement of the Thai government, longboat racing is a representation of the Thai people’s connection with the water. The use of longboats has been evident in Thai culture for a long time for transportation and defence, Thai people have depended on the longboats from time immemorial.

The boat race is a means to build up teamwork and strengthen the bond within a community. The people taking part in the longboat race can synchronize in harmony while the people on the shore cheer them up. The festive mood the Thai longboat race creates is phenomenal.

Chon Wua ( Bull Fight)

From the Ayutthaya period, bullfighting has been continuing as a trendy Thai entertainment sport. The Sports Mag has been famous in the southern provinces of Thailand the most. It is a local festival and is held on the first Saturday of every month.

The rules of this fight require the participant bulls to train rigorously for at least one year. Therefore, unless the bull has undergone extensive training, it cannot fight in the ring.

The fighting bulls lock their horns while fighting. If one bull overpowers another, the fight comes to an end. The sight of the bullfight is of great wonder to the Thai people.

Traditional Muay Thai

Muay Thai (Thai Martial Art)

Muay Thai, or Thai martial art, is a globally revered martial art technique handed down from generation to generation. Thai boxing or Muay Thai incorporates the use of knees, elbows, and bare feet of the fighters. The fighting technique is very ferocious.

The Muay Thai battle accompanies traditional musical instruments like Java Pipes, double-ended drums, and cymbals.

Water Buffalo Race

The water buffalo race in Thailand is a festive sport. In the race, human riders ride on buffaloes. The race happens during the annual Buffalo racing festival in Chonburi.


All Thai children and adults love Takraw. They play the game with rattan balls, which require only a little space; some describe it as “volleyball for the feet.” The players spike the ball over the net with their feet. The game permits the players only to use their heads and feet.

Mak Ruk Thai

Mak Ruk Thai ( Thai Chess)

Mak Ruk Thai or Thai chess probably originated from Indian chess and was perhaps used to make military strategies. The game requires a chessboard. There are six types of pieces in Mak Ruk Thai: Khun, Khon, Met, Bia. The players move the chess pieces until one of the corners is the opponent’s Khun( king).


Apart from kite fighting, boat racing, bullfighting, water bull race, there are many other traditional sports that the Thai people love and enjoy. Sepak takraw is another conventional Thai sport that incorporates the use of the hands and arms of the players. It is a volleyball game.

There are also Elephant sports, Tak Ball, that the Thai tradition cherishes and develops throughout generations. I hope this article provided you with valuable marks-related information. You can follow the sportsman for more sports-related content.

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