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Thailand’s Most Popular Sports Personalities In 2021

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Thailand is rich in various sports. Some outstanding sports persons ranked incredibly in their respective sports and have gained considerable fame and admiration from their fans.

Many of us may not know, but Thai athletes are some of the great athletes in the world; and if we pay closer attention, they even rank in some of the top-ranked categories of sports in the world.

Thailand is rich in various sports. Some outstanding sports persons ranked remarkably in their respective sports and have gained considerable fame and admiration from their fans.

The resilience and spirit that the Thai sports personalities show are enough to break the preconceived notion about Thai people not being good at sports. They excel in many sports such as Badminton, Weight Lifting, Golf, and Muay Thai.

In this article, you will get to know about the most popular sports personalities of Thailand. So keep reading for interesting sports news that you may have missed out on.

Panipak Wongpattanakit

Panipak Wongpattanakit

The ranked one Taekwondo practitioner in the world is from Thailand. Panipak Wongpattanakit, a 24-year-old Taekwondo player, became world champion by claiming the gold medal in the 2015 World Taekwondo Championship in the 46 kg class.

This champion also won a bronze medal in the Rio Olympics 2016 in 49 kg class. In the 2018 Asian Games, Panipak won her first Asian Games gold medal. She almost quit as a taekwondo practitioner after not being able to win gold in the 2016 Olympics. But in the Summer Olympics 2020, Panipak won the only gold for Thailand.

Ratchanok Intanon

Ratchanok Intanon

Thailand has some compelling badminton players; Ratchanok Intanon, a Thai female badminton player who won the World Badminton Championship in Guangzhou, China, in 2013. She is the first Thai woman to ever become the world’s number one in women’s singles in Badminton.

This famous badminton player is renowned for her admirable relaxed hitting motion and light and agile footwork.

Sapsiree Taerattanachai

Sapsiree Taerattanachai

The 1992 born female Thai badminton player has crossed noteworthy sports milestones and is still actively playing. She achieved a gold medal in the Youth Olympic Games in Singapore. Sapsiree was also the semi-finalist in the World Junior Championship in girls’ doubles in 2009.

She appeared in the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo but unfortunately got no medals.

Sudaporn Seesondee

Sudaporn Seesondee

Sundaporn Seesondee is a Thai boxer who appeared in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Born into a family that practices and reveres Muay Thai, she built herself as a boxer early. She entered the national level of Thai boxing when she was 16.

In the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, she became the first Thai woman to win an Olympic medal in Boxing. She lost in the semi-final against Kellie Harrington of Ireland and won the bronze medal.


Rodtang Jitmuangnon

Muay Thai ( Thai Boxing) is the national sport of Thailand. No matter how skilled they are, foreign players are cautious when entering the ring against a Thai boxer. Rodtang Jitmuangnon is currently the number one Thai Boxing champion in the world.

The 23 years old Muay Thai sportsman started practicing the art of Muay Thai from a very early age. The reigning champion of the ONE Flyweight Muay Thai World Championship is also a former champion of the Omni Stadium 130 lb Champion and max muay Thai 125 lb Champion.


Ariya Jutanugarn

Ariya Jutanugarn is a professional golf player; she plays on the American- based LPGA tour. Her family is a golf enthusiast. Ariya’s elder sister Moriya is also a professional golf player who has won the LPGA tour twice. Her father opened a golf shop near Bangkok and was her primary inspiration in getting into golf.

Ariya is the first golf player from Thailand to achieve the number one rank in Women’s World Golf Ranking in June 2017.

There is a biopic made on the life of Ariya Jutanugarn. The movie is named Tee Shot: Ariya Jutanugarn. The film follows her life as a young golfer and extends throughout the LPGA tour until she becomes number one.


Mika Chunuonsee

This Thai professional footballer is of Welsh descent, and he plays for the Thai League 1 Club. He is also one of the major players of True Bangkok United. The player has an incredible fanbase for his looks and physique, and he also became the brand ambassador for famous brands like Adidas and Ari Football.


Although Thai sports are not as evident in the team sports category, they excel in the single-player division of sports. Their prominence in Muay Thai, Golf, Badminton, and weight lifting proves that well enough.

The Thai players perform well in many international sports events like The Olympics. The Thai people generally choose the European teams and players for team-based games like football. But they do love their national sports personalities who bring fame and achievements to their country.

I hope this article could give you insights about Thai sports personalities that you may not have been aware of. Follow Thesportsmag for more content such as this one.

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