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Pakistan Secures 10th Gold Medal at Ongoing Special Olympics World Games



Pakistan Secures 10th Gold Medal at Ongoing Special Olympics World Games

(CTN News) – On Sunday, Pakistan won another gold medal at the ongoing Special Olympics World Games in Germany, bringing the total number of gold medals won by Pakistan over the years to ten.

Muhammad Safeer Abid, a talented cyclist from Pakistan, has brought immense pride to his country by securing a gold medal in the 10km time-trial event at the Special Olympics World Games held in Berlin.

Pakistan’s Medal Tally Soars to 10 Golds in Special Olympics World Games

Safeer’s exceptional feat has significantly contributed to Pakistan’s success, boosting their overall medal tally to 10 golds. Pakistani athletes performed exceptionally well across various sports disciplines, with cyclists clinching the highest number of gold medals.

Safeer Abid demonstrated incredible speed and endurance, covering the 10km distance in an impressive 23 minutes and 2.02 seconds.

He outpaced his closest competitors, Tom Hsu from Great Britain and Ben Fea Lankshear, also from Britain, who secured second and third places, respectively, with admirable performances. Safeer competed in the M04 division, showcasing his remarkable talent and determination.

Special Olympics Pakistan’s media manager, Asif Azeem, expressed his excitement over the outstanding performance of Pakistani athletes.

He attributed their success to the decision of SOP chairperson Ronak Lakhani to send the contingent to Berlin ahead of the Games. This strategic move gave the athletes sufficient time to acclimatize and train at the world-class facilities.

Pakistani Female Cyclists Madiha Tahir and Amina Arshad Shine in 500m Time-Trial Event

In addition to Safeer’s gold medal, Pakistani female cyclists Madiha Tahir and Amina Arshad performed strongly in the 500m individual time-trial event. Madiha secured the silver medal, completing the distance in an impressive time of one minute and 14.15 seconds.

She narrowly missed the gold, which Belgium’s Anne-Sophie van Zandweghe claimed. Amina Arshad also showcased her talent, earning the bronze medal with a time of one minute and 16.82 seconds.

Pakistan’s success extended beyond cycling, with a silver medal secured in the men’s unified team futsal event. The team exhibited remarkable skills, defeating Germany 2-1 in the semifinals, with goals from Shahabuddin and Muhammad Ali Baloch. In the final against Oman, Baloch’s two goals and Muhammad Aqeel’s contribution led to another noteworthy performance.

Pakistani Bocce Players Excel with Silver Medals in Team Event

The bocce players from Pakistan also made their mark, securing silver medals in the team event. Simran Mahesh Lal Devnani, Mahenoor Tahir, Farham Aslam, and Jamilur Rehman formed a strong team that triumphed over Canada, Australia, and New Zealand in the M02 division.

The team battled hard in the final against Bangladesh, ultimately losing by a close margin of 9-8, settling for the silver medal. Farnham Aslam also earned an individual bronze medal in the singles bocce event, winning two out of three matches in the M01 division.

Asif Azeem praised the efforts of the coaches and unified partners who played a crucial role in the athletes’ remarkable performances.

Despite the challenges of training during Ramadan, the coaches dedicated themselves to preparing the athletes for the Games. This achievement reflects the athletes’ hard work and highlights the importance of the coaches and unified partners in shaping the athletes’ success.

The athletes’ debut at the Special Olympics World Games was noteworthy, as many traveled outside their country for the first time.

Their reactions were filled with excitement and wonder, such as one athlete who kept predicting power outages during the rain in Berlin, only to be amazed by the uninterrupted electricity supply.

In addition to their sporting achievements, the Pakistani athletes had the opportunity to explore the city, indulge in shopping, and experience the warm hospitality of the Pakistani community residing in Berlin. The entire experience has been nothing short of incredible for them.

With 87 athletes competing in 11 different sports disciplines, the performance of the Pakistani contingent was a testament to the hard work and dedication of the coaches and unified partners.

They tirelessly trained the athletes, imparting the rules and techniques of their respective sports and instilling the spirit of determination and sportsmanship.

Asif Azeem admired the coaches and unified partners, acknowledging their immense contribution to the athletes’ success.

Even during the holy month of Ramadan, their commitment showcased their passion and dedication to ensuring the athletes’ preparedness for the Games. This remarkable achievement is a testament to their coaching skills and ability to foster a strong bond between the athletes and their unified partners.

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