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Can we really bring back Devin Haney vs. George Kambosos?



Can we really bring back Devin Haney vs. George Kambosos?

The fight between Devin Haney and George Kambosos was the first fight to come out of the four-belt era as the undisputed lightweight champion. By sacrificing every tangible advantage in order to win, he was able to win the fight.

At Marvel Stadium in Melbourne, Australia, Hayey accepted less money and agreed to face Kambosos in his backyard. While his co-trainer and father did not arrive until the day of the fight, he spent the week overseas without one of his trainers. Those disadvantages did not matter as Devin Haney dissected Kambosos with pinpoint accuracy, winning unanimously. Despite the rabid fans who came to see George Kambosos’ homecoming, the 23-year-old made it look easy.

A rematch was not necessary. There was one more demand Haney was forced to meet. A rematch in Australia would be immediately scheduled.

In light of how this fight ended, would anyone be interested in seeing it again?

Kasmbosos do, of course. Devin Haney, who was younger, stronger, faster, and smarter, systematically destroyed him. In the rematch, Kambosos will be eager to right his wrongs after such a comprehensive defeat. The next several months will be taken up by his obsessive analysis of every second of the fight. Why couldn’t he stop worrying so much? Had he done something different, Devin Haney’s jab would not have repeatedly struck him? How much risk did he take?

He will find it difficult to come up with solutions as he tries to rectify the mistakes that led to his first career loss.

What about the rest of the parties? Rematches are useless.

When Kambosos edged out Teofimo Lopez last November to become the unified lightweight champion, it can be argued that he lucked out. Devin Haney’s fans will have a much greater interest in seeing him defend his titles against fighters who are more popular, such as Ryan Garcia or Gervonta Davis, now that he has nothing he wants.

Unfortunately, they will have a fight that no one will enjoy.

Kambosos will also have a hard time convincing his rabid fan base residing in their hometown who swore allegiance to their hometown hero in light of what they experienced. The battle wasn’t close enough to be decided either way. As Kamboso’s head repeatedly snapped back, it was an unquestionable drubbing that left the team silent for most of the 36 minutes.

A positive is that Devin Haney is still young, so it won’t be a complete loss if the rematch puts him farther behind. Obviously, this assumes that the second fight will play out the same way.

Rematch clauses are a bittersweet reality.

On the one hand, you make sure both fighters are treated equally. It might simply be a bad night, but it might also be a chance to redeem oneself. Unjustified rematches, however, are more harmful than helpful. ThAs a result, fighters like Kambosos can find their stock teetering on the edge of irreconcilable decline.

There’s no way Kambosos can turn down the massive purse that awaits him if he decides to go head-to-head with Devin Haney. When it comes to Haney, he’s in a catch-22, given that he’s the overwhelming favorite to win the rematch. A victory is expected of him. He would be stunned if he loses, but if he wins, it would be a complete shock.

Despite being undefeated, Haney must compete in Australia again. Unfortunately, this is his fate.

We’ll probably get that. Devin Haney and George Kambosos will dance once more before the end of the year regardless of our feelings. They may or may not change in their next dance. Regardless, they will both be handsomely compensated.

Gervonta Davis and Ryan Garcia will also compete against other opponents. Hopefully, one of them will face Devin Haney and then they will face off against each other.

Boxing doesn’t always get things right, and these events are missed chances.

We can only grin and bear it as fans.

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