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Twitter Down For Millions Of Users Last Night

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Twitter Down For Millions Of Users Last Night

CTN NEWS – Twitter down may not be working as expected for some of you on the web. Twitter down late on Monday evening has affected more than 10,000 people according to website monitor Downdetector which recorded more than 10,000 outages just before 11 pm

Twitter has gone down for millions of web-based users

Twitter is down for millions of web-based users as the social media platform crashed. The website is not accessible to many across the UK, US, and other countries.

However, people are still able to access the site via their phones and many have been tweeting about the issue.

Twitter Down

Down Detector, which monitors service problems at different websites, said that their user reports indicate problems at Twitter. In the US people were also reporting issues, including in New York, Chicago, and Seattle.

A map showed people around the UK were not able to access the site, with most reports coming in from London, Manchester, and Birmingham.

Of those in the UK reporting issues, 91% said they were unable to access the website. 6% raised concerns about the server connection and 3% said they were having problems with the app.

Twitter Down has not yet addressed

Twitter has not yet addressed what is causing the outage with the website.

But the phone apps do not seem to be having the same issue.

So if you’re really desperate to send (or scroll) those late-night tweets, your phone is probably your best bet.

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