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Telegram adds New Features, Including Notification Sound, Mute, and More

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Telegram adds New Features, Including Notification Sound, Mute, and More

(CTN News) – A new update has been launched for Telegram, the popular instant messaging application. Users will be able to set custom notification tones, muting durations, auto-deleting messages, and more with the update. Telegram has released three updates so far this year, the first two were released in January and March, respectively. Read on to learn more about the latest Telegram update.

Telegram users can now turn any sound into a notification tone. Users would be able to customize alerts based on their favorite music or even memes. In the future, users will be able to add a short audio message or file to their list of notification sounds by tapping on it. Users can assign individual chat tones to any of these sounds. Telegram also clarifies that this feature supports audio files and voice messages under five seconds and 300 KB in size.

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Telegram rolls out custom mute durations for users

Telegram is offering users custom mute durations as well. The feature will allow users to mute a chat for a custom duration. It could be an hour, two hours, one day, or even a month. In addition, users now have the option to turn on auto-delete for messages, ranging from one hour to one year. Users will also be able to see the source of a forwarded message.

The telegram states in the post that “we’re adding an entirely new dimension, allowing developers to create infinitely flexible bot interfaces with JavaScript.” They add that “Telegram bots replace any website.” Developers can also tailor the bot interface to match a user’s theme.

Additionally, Telegram has improved Message Translation and Picture-in-Picture mode on Android. Telegram has also added a number of new animated emojis along with this. With its latest features, Telegram is a compelling alternative to WhatsApp as a messaging platform and certainly outpaces it. Stay tuned for more Telegram updates.

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