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WhatsApp Communities: What’s New? And How Will Admins Control It

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(CTN News) – Communities, a feature that WhatsApp has been developing for several months, has finally been announced. WhatsApp will roll out the feature slowly, even though it won’t be available to all users at once. WhatsApp’s Communities feature will allow users to group multiple group chats at the same time, forming a community of multiple groups with a similar purpose. Find out more here.

Mark Zuckerberg said, upon the release of WhatsApp Communities, “we built it to make it much easier to organize your group chats and find information.” He added, “We’re also adding new features for groups on WhatsApp, such as reactions, large file sharing, and bigger group calls.” Learn more about what is WhatsApp Communities, how admins will manage WhatsApp Communities, and is the feature secure.

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What are WhatsApp Communities?

WhatsApp Communities will enable people to “bring together separate groups under one umbrella under a structure that works for them.” WhatsApp believes that this will allow users to receive all of the latest updates related to a community formed around one topic. Admins can send messages to several groups at once using the WhatsApp Communities feature, as shown in the title image.

WhatsApp Communities’ admins will be able to control the chats

Admins will manage Communities on WhatsApp. Admins will be able to choose which groups should be a part of their community, either by creating new groups or adding existing ones. Additionally, group admins will be able to unlink groups from the Community and remove individual members as well. Additionally, group administrators will be able to delete inappropriate or abusive chats and media for the whole group.

Will WhatsApp Communities be secure?

As a result of the private nature of chats within these close-knit communities, WhatsApp will continue to protect messages with end-to-end encryption so that only the members of the respective groups can view them. Secure conversations between organizations, workplaces, and personal groups are protected by this technology.

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