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How did the TikTok Brand Name Come about?

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How did the TikTok Brand Name Come about?

Since the platform’s inception, the TikTok logo has barely changed. In only one update, there were minor changes to the symbol.

History of the logo

A new social networking project was launched in China and was called Douyin. The same name is still used in the Celestial Empire, and throughout the world, it became known as TikTok. The logo consists of a note and a phrase. As a note, the sign d is used, which comes eighth in the list. The phrase at first consisted of two different words – Tik and Tok. But in 2019, after updating the application, the words were combined into one TikTok.

The note hasn’t changed in any way, but the glyphs have become clearer. They were initially vague. Also, the letter “O” has undergone changes. It used to be black on a white background, but now it copies the shades of red and blue that are used on the logo note. The font of some letters has also changed, but this change is almost invisible.

Who created the logo?

The developers created the app with the aim to inspire people to be creative and to bring them joy. Each TikTok user is immersed in a world where people demonstrate their personality through a variety of ways – dance, sports, music, etc.

The task of the logo designer was to create a sign that will inspire creative people to feats and will correspond to their inner world. But the name of the logo creator is still unknown. It is known that the idea to create the Tik Tok brand name came to him at a rock concert when he was surrounded by a crowd and looked through the darkness at a bright stage. Black was chosen to enhance people’s attention.

Which brands have hardly changed their logos either?

Tik Tok is a new brand, and its sign has hardly changed, but there are other companies whose logos have remained unchanged for several decades, for example, the BMW, Volvo, Ferrari cars.

The Volvo company appeared in 1924, and their symbol is a circle with an arrow, which is directed to the upper right corner. The circle is divided diagonally by the stripe with the brand name.

The prancing horse is the symbol of the Ferrari car. The animal was painted on his planes by the hero of the First World War, and after his death, the sign became a symbol of the car manufacturer. The yellow background represents the city of Modena, where Enzo Ferrari was born, and the Italian tricolour is depicted on top.

BMW will celebrate the centenary of the brand in 2 years, but their logo has hardly changed during this time. A circle, divided into 4 identical sectors of blue and white colours, depict the rotating propeller of an airplane. Only their tonality and the font of the brand name changed.

Among the famous companies that have the brand name intact is McDonald’s. These arches are a symbol of the arches that were in many restaurants of this company 50 years ago.

The Chupa-Chups logo remained unchanged, which was developed by Salvador Dali himself at the request of his friend and at the same time the creator of the lollipop. Initially, the image of a flower with the brand name was located on the side of the candy, but the artist suggested placing them on top.

The trademark of the Cuban wine trade company Bacardi has been preserved for more than 150 years. It depicts a bat, which is considered by the Cubans to be a symbol of good luck.

The white Nivea lettering on a blue background appeared in 1924 and has not changed since then. The name of the company translates as “snow white”, and the colour blue 100 years ago was politically neutral in Germany.


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