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How To get Blue Badge on Your Instagram Profile



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Getting a verification badge for your Instagram profile comes with dozens of benefits. While it may seem easy, many people do not have an idea about how they can get their Instagram accounts verified.

While anyone can request an Instagram badge, Instagram is somehow picky, and it may not be easy to sail through. one thing you need to know is that only one account per person can be verified. So if you are fond of running multiple accounts, then it’s unlikely that all the accounts may be verified.

However, a major requirement to get verified on Instagram is that you should have at least 10,000 followers to access the feature. Getting verified signals trust which makes it easy for people to trust and collaborate with you.

Aside from improving trustworthiness, getting a verification badge makes it easy to step up your game in a competitive market environment. Many brands tend to trust profiles that have a badge since they are perceived to be authentic.

In this article, we highlight how you can get verified on Instagram.

Before we explore how you can get verified on Instagram, here are the advantages of getting an Instagram verification badge.

#1. Brand awareness

Getting verified on Instagram comes with tonnes of benefits. Among the key benefits of getting verified is brand awareness. The more genuine you look, the higher the chances of getting more followers. This is because verified instagram profiles appear on top of search and suggested accounts.

Additionally, Instagram’s algorithms favour content from verified accounts resulting in a high rate of engagement. Plus, the verification badge can help you unlock an array of opportunities for your business.

Even if people have never heard about your brand.the check signals that your company is a key player in the sector. That way, you are likely to attract more followers and improve conversions for your brand.

#2. Improves Trust

Being verified on Instagram improves the credibility of your brand. Considering the high number of brands jostling for space in a crowded market environment, getting verified puts you ahead of the pack in a competitive market environment.

Although some brands and users may dangle free products to lure customers, some may be sceptical. Instead, they are likely to see your account as authentic by simply seeing the verification badge on your Instagram profile.

#3. Access to special features

Getting an Instagram verification badge gives you access to better features that you can’t access on a standard Instagram account. Most of the features that come with a verified Instagram account can help you monetize your Instagram account.

For example, the swipe-up feature on Instagram stories is only available on verified Instagram profiles.

#4. Get more real followers

When you get your Instagram account verified, you improve your chances of attracting real followers. This is because acquiring an Instagram verification badge signals that you can be trusted. That way, you stand a chance to attract more followers and build a strong brand.

Generally, the more credible you look the more real connections you attract for your Instagram account. Although it may be challenging to get the required number of Instagram followers to get verified, you can buy Instagram followers to grow your account and unlock more opportunities.

#5. Build a Strong brand Portfolio

Buying Instagram followers is an ideal way of building a strong brand portfolio. The more people see you as a credible brand the more they are likely to buy your products. Besides appealing to the target market, followers are likely to share your brand with their friends which increases the chances of getting tonnes of followers for your Instagram account.

Therefore if you are struggling to penetrate a competitive market environment, it’s high time you consider growing your profile to qualify for an Instagram verification badge. With dozens of followers, you stand a chance to not only improve your growth potential but also appeal to the target audience. The more people you bring on board the higher the chances of having an edge over your competitors.

What it takes to get Instagram verification

To get an Instagram verification badge, you must have a real Instagram account. This means if you are running multiple Instagram accounts or a fake profile then Instagram verification may not work for you.

Before applying for an Instagram verification badge, you must ensure that your Instagram profile has a bio, at least one post, and a profile picture. In other words, your profile must either represent a registered business or a real person.

As part of Instagram’s policy, it never discloses the types of accounts that should be verified and which shouldn’t. In some cases, users may not even be notified that their account has been verified. They can log in one day and find their account verified.

Whereas getting Instagram verification can be a challenge, building a strong portfolio and a vibrant engagement can improve your chances of getting verified. All you need is leverage growth to put your Instagram account ahead of the pack.

Here are some actions you can take to improve chances of getting an Instagram verification badge

Link your Instagram account with other social media platforms.

Connecting your Instagram account with other social media profiles is an ideal way of demonstrating authenticity. Although this may not guarantee verification, commanding a strong following on other social media platforms may increase your chances of getting verified.

Alternatively, you can have other social media profiles verified before you focus on Instagram.

A strong presence on other platforms

A strong following on other platforms signals that you are not only credible but also reputed and worth following. This can be an effective approach especially if you command a huge following on YouTube.

Engage with the audience

Just like on other platforms, engaging with followers not only signals that you can be trusted but proves that your account is real. Connecting and engaging with other people shows that your account is important and worth following.

Get more Public

Engaging in the press and other public events is also another perfect strategy that you can use to improve the chances of getting verified. The more credible your brand looks the higher the chances of getting verified. Instagram has put in place strict measures to ensure that only real and legitimate accounts get the verification badge.

Regardless of how famous you are, you can still miss out on Instagram verification if you fail to prove that you are credible. This aims at eliminating chances of providing accreditation to brands and individuals that do not deserve it.


Whether you are a celebrity struggling to build a strong brand or new in the world of social media, you can buy followers and get verified. This not only unlocks tonnes of opportunities for your brand but also puts you ahead of the pack.

Even though some people are still sceptical about buying Instagram followers, it can take you decades before you get a strong following on Instagram. To speed up your growth process, you can buy Instagram followers to level the playground with other key players.

Be that as it may, getting a verification badge is the surest way of unlocking dozens of opportunities for your brand. Getting popular on other social media platforms and building a strong Instagram profile is some of the great ways you can roll out to improve chances of getting verified.

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