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Saturn: Here’s Everything You Need to Know

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Saturn: Here's Everything You Need to Know

(CTN News) – Throughout our solar system, each planet has its own unique color scheme.

This is everything you need to know about Saturn, one of these spectacular planets.

What color is Saturn?

The outer atmosphere of Saturn is mainly hydrogen and helium.

This planet’s atmosphere contains ammonia, phosphine, water vapour, and hydrocarbons, making it yellowish-brown in color.

Because of hydrogen in the atmosphere, its clouds acquire a deep red color. However, ammonia clouds obscure this colour, creating the outermost layer of the planet.

The result is a pale gold color.



Saturn appears blue in some photographs taken by NASA’s Cassini spacecraft.

From Cassini’s perspective, however, this is probably just a result of how the light scatters.

What is Saturn made of?

A spacecraft would never find solid ground on Saturn if it tried to touch down.

Unlike the Earth, Saturn is a giant gas planet rather than a solid planet.

Many of the same components are found in the sun, including 94% hydrogen, 6% helium, and small amounts of methane and ammonia.

Saturn is believed to have a molten, rocky core about the size of Earth, but this has never been confirmed.

What are the colours of the other planets?

Colours in the solar system differ in appearance and are known for their different shades and shapes.

Because of their composition and how they reflect and absorb sunlight, planets have the colors they do.

What are the colors of the other planets? All the information you need is right here.

  • Mercury – Grey
  • Venus – Brown and grey
  • Earth – Blue, brown, green and white
  • Mars – Red, brown and tan
  • Jupiter – Brown, orange, tan and white
  • Uranus – Blue and green
  • Neptune – Blue

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