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Different Types of Blunt Wraps

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Different Types of Blunt Wraps

Amongst the cannabis community, rolling is a way of life and probably the most common way to smoke. Rolling the perfect joint or blunt is considered an art since it takes patience and lots of practice to achieve.

A new and easier way to roll a blunt is with blunt wraps. There are many different types and sizes available including flavored blunt wraps, those made from alternate materials, and even self-wrapping blunt wraps to make rolling on the go a breeze.

What are blunt wraps?

Blunt wraps are used to roll blunts, which are cigars filled with cannabis or a mixture of tobacco and cannabis.

The term began when American cannabis connoisseurs in the Northeast started using Phillies’ cigars, which were wider than cigarillos, but still smaller in diameter and quicker to burn than a regular cigar.

Phillies called these mini cigars Blunts and the name stuck with stoners who were able to discreetly smoke weed in a new way.

To roll a normal blunt, smokers will cut an opening lengthwise down the center of a cigarillo and empty its contents before filling it back up with their smoking material of choice.

Cigarillos contain shredded tobacco leaves wrapped up in whole dried tobacco leaves, these whole tobacco leaves are what’s used when rolling a traditional blunt.

Blunts hold around one to two grams of ground dry herb, which is much more than a bong bowl or joint. Blunt wraps simplify the rolling process by only providing an empty wrap so there is no need for cutting or and removing the former contents.

Today, many stoners prefer not to use any tobacco in their blunts because of the nicotine, buzz and harsh smoke it produces, and a distaste for the strong tobacco flavor, however traditional blunts are still used by lots of people.

Now, there are many smoke brands that offer alternative materials to tobacco for their blunt wraps such as palm or hemp leaves.

Types of blunt wraps

Tobacco blunt wraps

For an experience that most resembles smoking a classic blunt, use a blunt wrap made from premium tobacco leaves.

These traditional blunt wraps are essentially exactly like the outside of a cigar or cigarillo but the work has already been done. They’re already empty and ready to fill.

Hemp wraps

One of the most popular alternative materials for blunt wraps is hemp. In the U.S., these are rolled from the leaves of federally legal hemp-plants that have been dried. Hemp wraps don’t have the harsh tobacco flavor and instead have a balanced earthy flavor that compliments cannabis very well.

Palm leaf wraps

Blunt wraps made out of palm leaves continue to grow in popularity as an alternative to tobacco. They are made using the same hand rolling techniques that cigar makers use and are slow burning for peak enjoyment.

Palm leaf wraps that are unflavored taste a bit like green tea or leaves, which may take some getting used to for those who usually smoke blunts.

Flavored blunt wraps

Almost all blunt wraps come in a variety of flavors including those made from tobacco or other materials.

Flavored blunt wraps spice up a smoke session and also mask other less appealing flavors from the wrap. Tobacco flavor is a classic, though banana, grape, mango, cherry, and many others are also available.

Self wrapping blunt wraps

These cool blunt wraps work like magic by somehow rolling close on its own. Sprinkle in some ground dry herb and the edges of the self wrapping blunt wrap will curl inward. The roller will still need to lick the blunt opening closed and do a little bit of rolling and tamping to ensure a smooth burning blunt.

XL or mini blunt wraps

Similar to different sized rolling papers, there are also various sizes of blunt wraps available. While the normal size is the most common, XL blunt wraps are perfect for sharing with friends or when smoking at a party or festival.

For solo smoke sessions or when the flower is nearly gone, reach for a mini blunt wrap. In addition to different lengths, blunt wraps also come in a variety of widths.

For a huge selection of premium blunt wraps, check out the online headshop, Puff Puff Pass It.

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