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Woman’s Family Can’t Recognize Her After Plastic Surgery



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When Tran Vu Van Anh returned home for the first time after undergoing plastic surgery, her mother refused to speak to her for an entire month and her relatives could not recognise her.

But the 22-year-old says she has no regrets.

In a recent social media post sharing her surgery experience, Tran, hailing from Vietnam, confessed that she had always been shy and insecure due to her “big and rough” nose and “lack of chin”.

“I didn’t look good,” she wrote. “I always wanted to have plastic surgery to change my life.”

Working two jobs as a receptionist and a waitress, Tran managed to save enough money for her first surgery — a rhinoplasty at 19.

tran vu van anh

Knowing that her family was conservative and would object, Tran did not tell them about her plans.

“I was most afraid when I did the first round [of surgery]. My family did not know then. I only had a close friend who came along. On the operating table, I could only trust the doctor and hope everything would smoothly.”

After her rhinoplasty, Tran went on to get breast augmentation, double eyelid surgery and face fillers.

Three years on, she’s finally satisfied with how she looks.

“Fortunately all the surgeries succeeded. With the new round of plastic surgery, I was finally able to be more confident after all those years of low self-esteem,” she wrote.

But her family was less than happy with her transformation

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Not only did most of her friends and family not recognize her when she returned to her hometown, her mother was “very angry” with her, Tran said.

Fortunately, after a month of giving her the cold shoulder, her mother gradually accepted it and came around.

By sharing her story, Tran, who now works in the beauty industry, hopes to inspire other women to “improve their beauty” and be “more satisfied with themselves”.

Source: Asia One

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