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Why Do You Need to Use Cloud-Based Video Editors?

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Cloud-Based Video Editors

Cloud-Based Video Editors: With updates to how we work and function, cloud-based services and solutions make headways across industry and verticals.

Today, cloud offerings and software enable those working remotely to easily collaborate and perform tasks without worrying about the software installed on their machines. For video editing specifically, the cloud is a gamechanger, and for a good reason!

Cloud-based video makers are being used mainly due to the benefits it offers. These online solutions have incredible benefits, such as:

  • The ability to collaborate with remote teams.
  • It has a very simple user interface and applications built for all users, meaning you do not have to have a video editing background to use it.
  • Easy to share on the web or social media platforms.
  • There is no need to invest in powerful hardware or computer – they can work with just a browser.
  • Files are automatically backed-up and saved.
  • It does all the rendering and editing on the cloud, ensuring it doesn’t slow down your machine due to its intensive processes.

If these benefits aren’t reason enough to shift your video editing requirements to a cloud-based application, here is a deep dive into all the fantastic features that you can take advantage of by using a cloud-based online video editor:

Ideal for Making Social Media Videos

Online video editing platforms have an edge in creating videos that are ideal for sharing on social media platforms, as they are designed to be user-friendly and straightforward.

These cloud-based platforms include ready-to-use templates, filters, copyright-free audio, enhancements, and other ideal features to spruce up video and make it optimized for use on social media. For most traditional video editors, these features are often absent and require several steps to achieve the same result.

Cloud-based editing tools don’t just help users edit and optimize their videos; it also provides the option to share their videos directly on social media platforms. This ensures that the instant your video is ready, it is shared on the social media platform of your choice. No need to transfer or wait for it to upload.

Cross-Platform and Multi-OS Compatible

Online video editors run on a web browser or a dedicated app, which does not require specific operating system requirements. Being online and app-based ensures that the video editing platform is accessible across multiple devices, operating systems, and browsers.

For example, you have edited the video using an online platform on your Apple device and saved your work. Another team member using a Windows machine can also access it and make updates on the file without requiring any cross-platform change to file type or format. It also means you can easily access the same file edited on your machine on your phone, which is excellent if you need to access or work on the video editing and are away from your primary device.

Perfect for Collaboration Between Teams

Today, marketing teams are working remotely and in different locations across the globe. For this diverse and remote team, to work in tandem is extremely difficult with any traditional video editing option. Users had to work on their own devices without any mechanism to collaborate or work in parallel for traditional editing software.

Cloud-based video editing is the ideal solution to this problem. Teams can edit videos, upload RAW files, and work parallel or together, ensuring optimum productivity and collaboration. Also, given today’s fully remote, work from anywhere model, cloud-based video editing tools ensure workers can work seamlessly, without requiring them to be in a physical office to collaborate on any particular activity.

Excellent for Low-Touch Videos

Rarely do content creators and digital marketers require extremely precision-cut and professional video editing, as social media is all about short and impactful videos. For these requirements, online video editing tools are often the ideal fit. Using these tools instead of complex traditional software helps marketing teams save time and strain on professional video editors.

These cloud-based editors are built for quick and easy editing and even save workflows to ensure that editing can be performed quickly. This ensures that the low-touch or minor updates in brightness, contrast, or correct correction can be done on the fly without involving a professional to get the job done! Most online tools are built specifically to help marketers create videos and optimize content for social media, ensuring the end product is perfect for use, especially on digital mediums and social media platforms.

Convenient Access From Any Device

Imagine a scenario where you have taken videos or pictures from your smartphone, which will be used as part of your video editing. This would mean transferring all these videos and photos to your local machine and then working on the editing part of the process for a traditional setup.

However, with cloud-based video editors, you can quickly start editing even from your smartphone or tablet or upload the files on the common cloud storage to make them easily accessible across devices. The best part, files uploaded on the cloud will also be accessible to another team member, which a traditional setup fails to do.

Security Measures to Protect Your Data

The number of cybercriminal attacks has increased manifold in the digital era, with 6.95 million new phishing and scam attacks in just 2020. Security thus becomes one of the primary reasons for using online video editors, as an offline or local video editor will work and save output only on the particular machine. Therefore, in case of any malfunction or data loss, there is a high chance of all the hard work getting erased and lost forever.

On the other hand, online video editors save your work on the cloud and offer a high level of data encryption and access control. These features ensure that your data is never lost can be accessed from multiple devices, and is password-protected for your account, ensuring no breach or unwarranted access from a third party.

Final Words

Hopefully, this deep-dive into the advantages of online or cloud-based video editors will help you make the right choice for your business or personal video editing requirements. Video editing today is becoming increasingly collaborative. Not just that, many content creators and marketers now use online editors to edit and spruce up their videos before sharing online quickly and need an easy-to-use and multi-platform option to do this on any device.

Online video editors thus are ideal for all types of users, be they those who need heavy rendering work or those who need a quick-fix edit to their videos. Also, due to the growth of video marketing on multiple social media platforms, the same video format is not ideal for sharing across each platform. It needs to be tweaked and optimized accordingly.

Online tools and professional cloud-based video makers thus make a difference, enabling you to create videos that grab attention and engage the audience.


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