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What Makes a Good Gaming Mouse Pad: How to Choose

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What Makes a Good Gaming Mouse Pad: How to Choose

If you have never mused about buying a mouse pad because all sources have told you it was an unnecessary purchase, now is the time to seriously think about getting this high-quality accessory. Any gaming mouse pad buying guide would tell you that having a pad directly influences the mouse movement, which is not crucial for your office work but important for your gaming experience.

But do you need a mousepad for playing games?

If you always wondered why your pixel-precise shots rarely work – bam! You’ve found the answer. Without a pad, a user’s control of the mouse is much worse. This does not allow a smooth movement. By the time you have moved a mouse to shoot a zombie, the slowly walking creature is already gone.

If you are curious about the technical wonders a tiny piece of fabric or plastic brings, here is a gaming mouse pad buying guide we have prepared.

Truth Is on the Surface

The surface of the mouse pad depends on the material it is made of.

The first type is a soft pad made of cloth and a thin layer of spongy stuffing inside the woven fabric. Such pads are pleasant to touch and function as wrist rests. The exterior layer is usually covered in a no-slip material like rubber for enhanced control.

If you love playing computer games that require precision and swift movement, a mouse pad with a soft surface is a good choice: it provides higher friction with less noise compared to the hard-surface pads.

For those gamers who travel or carry the laptop everywhere they go, soft mouse pads are easy to fold with a minimum risk to be damaged. However, soft pads require cleaning because they collect dust easily.

Hard mouse pads are made of a durable material like plastic or metal. Such materials are always water-resistant. So, if you or your pet often spill water around, you may not fear that a wet surface will sabotage your gaming progress: just take a clean napkin, wipe your mouse pad, and your problem is quickly solved.

Water-resistant material is also a great choice for gamers with sweaty hands.

Hard mouse pads are perfect for playing fast-paced games, which focus more on speed than movement control. These pads work seamlessly with laser gaming mice because they do not interfere with the cursor’s movement.

Unlike soft pads, a hard pad option wears your mouse quicker and is a little bit noisy.

Look for high-quality stitching to prevent fraying of soft pads and smooth texture for hard-edged ones so your wrists do not get scratched.

Size Matters

On the modern mouse pad market, you can find a product of all sizes: small, medium, large, or extended.

Small and medium pads easily satisfy the needs of office workers.

When it comes to playing computer games, a large mouse pad is the most common choice. They are suitable for all mouse grip styles. While using a large pad, you can easily move your hand without any fear of exceeding the pad’s edges. As a result, you get the greatest comfort while enjoying your favorite games.

You can use small or medium-sized mouse pads for playing computer games as well. Just make sure to choose a high gaming mouse DPI: once you move a cursor, it passes a larger distance on the screen in relation to the distance the mouse has traveled on the pad.

In combination with a high mouse DPI, small pads are an excellent option if you love LAN parties or travel often.

An extended mouse pad is usually a matter of personal preference. You might opt for it to ensure that your keyboard stays on the same level as your mouse or to have extra space for your wrists.

Thinner Is Not Always Better

Depending on the thickness of the base, mouse pads come in three types: thin, standard, or heavy.

A thin pad has a common 2-2.5 mm range; it is the most flexible type that easily adapts to the surface. Sometimes, this feature becomes tricky if your table texture is not smooth, making the mouse pad “fall” into the holes. Otherwise, a thin pad will provide an outstanding gaming experience.

Standard thickness ranges from 3 to 3.5 mm. It is a popular choice among gamers: the medium weight ensures that the pad does not glide easily from side to side, while its rigidness provides a steady surface for a quick movement.

Heavy-based pads go up to 5 mm when it comes to thickness. The extreme rigidness provides a flat area even on tables with texture defects.

The slimmer the mouse pad, the more portable it is. Heavy-based pads are less portable, making them a great choice for those who prefer playing without sacrificing the comfort of their home.

Additional Characteristics to Think of

Brands like Corsair, Razer, or HyperX will add some pinch of magic to make your wishes come true if you want a cool mouse pad. Depending on the model you choose, the cost will vary between $10 and $80.

Some pads provide wireless charging to all your wireless devices, whether tablets, smartphones, or common mice. RGB lighting is another option that adds a nice finishing touch to your rig style if you love it.

The last feature to consider is the USB passthrough. This characteristic strongly depends on one’s preference to plug in a wired mouse closer to the pad.

As for design, you can opt for any color and scenery on the pad’s surface, which would reflect your personality as a gamer.

Final Thoughts

So, do you need a mousepad? Certainly, you do if your goal is to improve mouse tracking, gain control over its movement, and shoot an enemy with the highest precision. When it comes to the surface type, size, thickness, or color, you are the one who can customize the best mouse pad to perfect the gaming experience.


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