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What Does a Client Portal Do?



Client portal

What is client portal software? What can it do for your business?

Client portal software lets you share important information with your clients easily. Your organization can employ a client portal as a digital channel to improve cooperation between your clients and your team members. Client portals can be accessed via the web or mobile apps and they provide multipurpose applications in corporate environments.

A standard client portal acts as a customer-oriented self-service platform. Businesses use portals to provide their customers with 24/7 access to information about their products and services. A secure web app or website has a storage space for business entities to share and distribute info or documents.

In recent years, client portals have allowed business organizations to create customer support platforms, establish community forums, and keep everyone interested in the loop. A self-service portal is an excellent way for brands to build a digital gateway for their end-users.

Why you should use client portal software in your business

Today’s top businesses use different ways to collaborate and set up communication systems to improve data flow within their companies. With intranets, organizations can build a safe environment to enhance collaboration and communication with their clients.

While intranets are ideal for the internal operations of organizations, issues can crop up when a business wants to extend its functionality to its customer’s doorsteps. Client portals come in handy here, and there are several good reasons to start using these solutions.

Here are some benefits of client portal software:

1. Improve customer collaboration and communication

A client portal is an online platform that provides self-service options that let customers, employees, and other business parties find information when they need it.

A secure 24/7 customer support forum can allow a company to meet the needs of its large consumer base. Thus, a customer portal can boost your customer satisfaction levels and retention rates. These solutions improve the user experience with your organization.

2. Increase responsiveness

Today’s sophisticated consumers will find effective ways to choose a reliable company. Client portals increase your responsiveness as a business. if you can set up a reliable 24/7 portal, you are sure to please your customers. In this digital world, every client wants to have access to relevant information in a timely manner. Your customers will be able to access your customer support service out of your regular working hours with a portal. This can prove to be a powerful tool for efficient collaboration and communication with clients. Remote working has become a norm amid the pandemic, with 16% of businesses operating remotely.

3. Build customer trust

Another crucial benefit of a client portal app is its endless customization. The interface comes with tons of options for you to organize and personalize your app to suit the needs of your clients and win their trust.

You can increase your customer loyalty when you use the best client portal apps such as Clinked, Zendesk, and SuiteDash.

Clinked enables your team to communicate in real-time and share information. It offers collaboration features allowing people to upload and download files of any size. Its subscription prices range from $83 per month to $416 per month for premium services


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