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Exercise: How to Stay Healthy Whilst Working from Home




Exercise: In the last couple of years, while living with Covid-19, we have seen a massive shift in how people are working. With more freelancing and remote working, regularly working from home or combining office work in the form of hybrid working has become the norm for many.

While we’ve adapted to new ways of working, we have learnt of the many benefits. For example, working from home has allowed many to improve their work-life balance, especially those with families.

Despite the benefits of working from home, it also presents several challenges for our physical, mental, and social health, such as loneliness and blurred lines between home and work environments. Therefore, this article aims to address some of the best ways to maintain your health while working from home.


Regular Exercise

One of the most renowned ways to maintain your health, let alone while working from home, is engaging in regular exercise. You don’t need to spend loads on a gym membership either – after all, going on a long walk or a run is completely free. However, if you have enough space, you could create a home gym – there’s plenty of gym equipment, such as a cross-trainer for sale online.

Firstly, regular exercise supports healthy weight management and keeps our bodies moving. This is particularly important when working from home as we are often working at a computer.

Regular exercise improves our stamina, cardio, and overall aerobic condition. Exercise is known to help regulate stress levels and our mood as it releases endorphins in the brain. These chemicals react with receptors in the brain and produce positive feelings, like those caused by morphine. Learning about healthy living is potent in your overall life, especially when working at home.

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Healthy Diet

Many people who work from home report feeling more distracted at times. This can sometimes lead to habits of snacking. Therefore, one tip would be to keep a selection of healthy snacks at home to avoid snacking on foods high in fat and sugar.

Another benefit of working from home is the time saved by not commuting. You can use this time to make yourself healthy breakfasts and dinners. Alternatively, you can bulk cook meals at the weekend so you can enjoy your midweek evenings better.


Healthy Workstation

Another important way to stay healthy while working from home is ensuring your workstation supports optimum health. For example, you can use ergonomic furniture to keep your back and posture support while working at your desk. May employers still carry out workstation assessments for their remote workers and expense any needed equipment. Therefore, it’s a good idea to ask your employer if they can do the same for you.

Another way to ensure a healthy working environment is keeping it separate from other spaces in the house. For example, it’s not advised to work in the same place you sleep as you want to keep the bedroom associated with rest.

Maintain a work-life balance

Many people have reported a better work-life balance while working from home, especially with families, as they can spend more time with their children. However, strengthening the division between work and home life is also essential for your social wellbeing. Dedicating time at the end of the day to detach from work and engage in hobbies, socialising and enjoying life allows you to feel better about yourself and avoids the pitfall of loneliness when working from home.

Create a routine

When working in an office, it’s easy to bounce off your colleagues to create a mutual routine for the day. For example, you may often go on lunch simultaneously every day together or have coffee breaks together in the mornings or afternoons. It’s essential to maintain a similar routine at home too. Sticking to a daily routine can help you reduce feelings of stress. Give yourself enough sleep at night, take breaks in the day, and plan evening activities to look forward to helping.


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