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Tornadoes Hit Greenfield, Lowa: Toll Uncertain As Cleanup Begins

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Local residents hug in front of their tornado damaged home, Wednesday, May 22, 2024, in Greenfield, Iowa. (AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall)

(CTN News) – In the aftermath of the tornado that struck Greenfield, Iowa, on Tuesday evening, which resulted in the deaths of an unknown number of people, search and rescue operations are still ongoing.

It was verified by the Iowa State Patrol on Tuesday evening that a tornado that ripped through Greenfield was responsible for the fatalities of multiple people. As of Wednesday morning, the authorities were still unable to provide a definitive estimate of the number of fatalities, in spite of the fact that they had stated that they did not wish to reveal a number until they were positive.

Workers in the small city, which had a population of 2,000 people, were still sorting through trash on Wednesday. This harsh weather caused injuries to at least twelve people, according to officials that responded to the situation. As far as the National Weather Service is concerned,

Greenfield has sustained at least EF-3 damage.

However, they assert that the evaluation is still in progress and that there is a possibility that things will shift in the days to come. Tornadoes with winds of 136 to 165 miles per hour are classified as EF-3 tornadoes.

Residents in the area have been relocated to shelters as a result of the damage that occurred to the local hospital. Additionally, a nearby school has been transformed into a temporary hospital. During the previous evening, the authorities had been using a lumberyard as a center for triage.

As per the findings of the FOX Weather Storm Tracker Brandon Copic, the majority of the village has been completely obliterated, according to his assessments of the situation. It has been largely decimated in this town. There is no other way to express this feeling than by the way it is expressed. In most of this town, there is a sense of desolation.

The Department of Transportation (DOT) Facility, which is located east of Greenfield, is accepting donations of food and water from anyone who wishes to show their support for the community they are a part of. For your convenience,

The address is 2313 Highway 92, Greenfield, Iowa 50849.

75 miles to the east of Omaha and around 50 miles to the southwest of Des Moines is where you will find Greenfield.

Damage across the entirety of the state

During the afternoon of Tuesday, numerous reports of probable tornadoes were received in Iowa, which was included in the severe tornado watch that was issued on Tuesday along with sections of Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Up until Tuesday night, there had been a total of 33 tornadoes reported across the Midwest, with the most of them occurring in the central and western regions of Iowa.

In addition to Greenfield, the National Weather Service in Des Moines received reports of tornadoes from Macksburg, Winterset, Norwalk, Alleman, Cambridge, Nevada, and Pleasant Hill during the late afternoon.

These reports were received from a variety of locations. The majority of these regions are located to the west of Des Moines, and each of them is within fifty miles of the city.

A tornado that was approaching Carbon, Iowa, which is located around 60 miles east of Omaha, was captured on camera by FOX Weather earlier in the day. These allegations are in addition to the ones that have already been described. Another video shows what appears to be a tornado in the Red Oak, Iowa region. The tornado was captured on surveillance footage.

An further video was uploaded by a professional weather chaser that showed a tornado causing damage to a windmill in the vicinity of Williamson, which is around 40 miles from the border with Missouri.


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