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Thousands Welcome Summer Solstice at Stonehenge: A Spectacular Celebration

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Thousands Welcome Summer Solstice at Stonehenge A Spectacular Celebration

(CTN News) – Huddled at Stonehenge: Celebrating the Summer Solstice with Druids and Pagans

About 10,000 people have converged at the historic site of Stonehenge, near Salisbury in Wiltshire, to welcome the summer solstice.

Celebrating the Summer Solstice at Stonehenge: A Magical Experience

The gathering showcases a vibrant mix of druids, pagans, and visitors from around the globe who have come together to commemorate the longest day of the year.

The spectacle unfolds as the sun rises, casting its rays through the entrance of the stone circle and channeling light into the monument’s core. Stonehenge’s distinctive formation aligns perfectly with the midsummer sunrise and the midwinter sunset, adding to the mystique of this ancient site.

International travelers pilgrimage to Stonehenge, drawn by the allure of witnessing this extraordinary event. Even amidst the ongoing pandemic, the enthusiasm remains undeterred.

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Karen Gardner, a BBC Radio Wiltshire correspondent, was present at Stonehenge as day broke, capturing the essence of the gathering. Gardner reported that Wednesday would bless attendees with 16 hours of daylight.

A Global Gathering: Traveling Far and Wide to Celebrate

Janet Burns and Gill Richardson, hailing from County Durham, shared their awe at the celebrations in Salisbury.

Burns was surprised, saying, “I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it exceeded my expectations.” Richardson added, “Amazing, absolutely amazing. Never experienced anything like it; it was just fantastic.”

Scott Ashman, the head of Stonehenge for English Heritage, marveled at the sunrise, acknowledging how it catches attendees off guard. He described the scene, saying, “You walk around with your back towards the sun, then you hear the cheers, and when you turn around, it’s there.”

Ashman expressed his gratitude for his role, saying, “I really do look after one of the world’s greatest wonders. I have to pinch myself sometimes.”

Kate, who traveled from France, expressed joy at returning to Stonehenge after the long hiatus caused by the pandemic.

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She described the atmosphere as “wonderful” and appreciated the opportunity for people to exist more presently and gently than their everyday lives allow.

Sarah, a visitor from Bristol, shared her experience with her baby Rudi, who surprisingly slept through the noise and excitement. She mentioned the challenge of fully connecting with nature due to the commotion but concluded, “It’s been an experience.”

As Stonehenge remains a revered site, its guardians preserve this world wonder for future generations. They ensure its significance endures, enabling visitors to revel in the magic of the summer solstice year after year.

In summary, joining druids and pagans, thousands of people gathered at Stonehenge to celebrate the summer solstice. The alignment of the ancient stones with the sunrise created a breathtaking spectacle, leaving attendees in awe of nature’s wonders.

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