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Police Seize 620,000 Meth Pills Hidden in Sunflower Seed Crates in Songkhla Province

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Police Seize 620,000 Meth Pills Hidden in Sunflower Seed Crates in Songkhla Province

(CTN News) – In a significant development, law enforcement authorities in Songkhla province, Thailand, successfully intercepted a substantial shipment of Meth pills concealed within sunflower seed crates.

Details of the Intercepted Meth Pills Shipment

The seized drugs, totaling 620,000 pills and valued at approximately 18 million baht (US$518,000), were discovered in a private parcel sorting facility in the Bang Klam district.

The illicit narcotics, which had originated from Chiang Rai, were intended for two separate destinations.

While ten crates were addressed to Mae Khari in the Thamot district of Phatthalung province, the remaining 21 crates were destined for Bu Kit, a locality in the Choh Ai Rong district of Narathiwat province. Law enforcement agencies expanded their operation by tracking the intended recipients at both locations.

Prompt action by the authorities led to the arrest of a 48-year-old man named Kodeh in Narathiwat. Kodeh was apprehended while attempting to collect the 21 crates containing 420,000 Meth pills, as reported by KhaoSod, a local news outlet.

During interrogation, Kodeh revealed that the drugs belonged to Aza. Consequently, law enforcement agencies are actively pursuing Aza’s apprehension.

Surprisingly, no one appeared to collect the remaining ten crates addressed to Phatthalung. Law enforcement officers attempted to contact the phone number provided on the parcel but were instead instructed to leave the crates outside a dilapidated house in Mae Khari.

Unclaimed Drugs and Potential Suspicions

Despite maintaining a stakeout, no one arrived to claim the drugs, indicating that the intended recipient may have grown suspicious.

Meanwhile, in a separate incident two weeks prior in Rayong province, Thai officials raided a house in the Ban Khai district. The operation resulted in the arrest of a notorious drug dealer and the seizure of 813 Meth pills, commonly known as Yaba, which were concealed under the roof.

Although the suspect claimed the drugs belonged to a friend, previous records indicated his involvement in drug-related activities. The authorities remain committed to eradicating the drug trade in the region.

These recent incidents highlight the ongoing efforts of Thai law enforcement agencies to combat drug trafficking and the smuggling of illicit substances.

By intercepting significant drug shipments and apprehending key individuals involved in the trade, authorities are working towards ensuring a safer and drug-free environment for the citizens of Thailand.

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