Thailand To Hold Winter Festivals Nationwide
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Thailand to Hold Winter Festivals Nationwide



Thailand to Hold Winter Festivals Nationwide

Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin stated that the government intends to extend the Thailand’s annual winter festivity from the capital to the entire country under the name Thailand Winter Festivals.

Following discussions with Tourism and Sport Minister Sudawan Wangsuphakijkosol, TAT governor Thapanee Kiatphaibool, and Bangkok governor Chadchart Sittipunt regarding the organisation of the “Colourful Bangkok Winter Festival” at the end of this year, he made the announcement on his Facebook page.

Additionally, he stated that the government has made preparations for a minimum of eleven activities associated with soft power; further details are expected to be released the following month.

In relation to the Colourful Bangkok Festival, which takes place in the capital between October and December, the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) and the TAT will collaborate in the organisation of five “major events.”

coulorful Bangkok 2023

Ms. Thapanee asserts that the Culture Ministry, the TAT, and the BMA are collaborating to co-organize Colourful Bangkok as a means of magnifying the occasion on an international level and capitalising on this form of soft power.

As a form of creative tourism, it is anticipated that the festivals, which will be conducted during the height of the season, will stimulate tourism.

Ms. Thapanee stated that Colourful Bangkok consists of the following five major occasions: the Amazing Thailand Passport Privileges, the 2023 Amazing Thailand Krathong Festival, the 2024 Amazing Thailand Countdown, and the 2023 Vijit Chao Phraya.

She further stated that the purpose of these events is to showcase the city’s creative tourism ethos and way of life.

In keeping with City Hall’s objective of promoting the capital as a cultural and artistic hub, this event will showcase its identity via Rattanakosin Island’s New Year’s Countdown and artistic festivals and performances.

As per Mr. Chadchart, City Hall has collaborated with various sectors in order to guarantee the success of Colourful Bangkok.

Winter Festivals and Activities in Thailand

Thailand’s tropical climate and lack of exposure to the same type of frigid winters as many other nations causes it to be less commonly linked with traditional winter celebrations. Nevertheless, Thailand continues to host a multitude of festivities and occasions throughout the winter season, which frequently coincide with the holiday season. These festivities draw inspiration from both Thai culture and international festivities. The following are several winter-themed events and festivals in Thailand:

January 1, following New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day (December 31): In main cities, including Bangkok and Chiang Mai, Thais observe the Western New Year with bonfires, festivities, and other events. A time when music, countdowns, and merrymaking are prevalent.

Christmas, Bangkok and Phuket, which have a significant expatriate and tourist population, host Christmas decorations and special events in retail centres, hotels, and restaurants, despite the fact that Christmas is not a public holiday in Thailand.

Thailand to Celebrate Loy Krathong on November 12th

One of the most renowned celebrations in Thailand, the Loy Krathong Festival (typically held in November) is also known as the “Festival of Lights.” In observance of the aquatic spirits, it is customary to float small, candlelit rafts (krathongs) through rivers and waterways during the month of November.

Typically occurring in February, this occasion transpires during the milder months of the year and showcases lively procession routes, flower exhibitions, and additional undertakings allumbed to the subject of flowers in the city of Chiang Mai.

Chinese New Year: January or February, on average Dragon and lion performances, visits to temples, and an assortment of cultural activities are all part of this Thai-Chinese celebration of the Chinese lunar New Year.

The renowned coastal resort town of Hua Hin annually organises a jazz festival in December, which showcases both domestic and international jazz performers.

Pattaya International Music Festival (typically in December): An annual music festival featuring a variety of musical genres that attracts both international and local performers.

Although lacking the conventional Western winter festival atmosphere, these occasions afford visitors the chance to immerse themselves in the culture and festivities of Thailand while the weather cools down. Winter is generally regarded as the most hospitable season to visit Thailand because of the reduced humidity and more moderate temperatures, which make it an ideal time to explore the country.


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