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Thailand Police Seize Drugs From 120,000+ Suspects In Six Months



Thailand Police Seize Drugs From 120,000+ Suspects In Six Months

(CTN News) – In this fiscal year, Thailand’s drug busts have continued to yield billions of baht in confiscated assets, while arrests of “drugs suspects” have dropped by more than 40 percent. Inkhapairoj presented the figures at a press conference on Sunday after reviewing the nation’s drug-suppression activities from October last year to March 31.

The police have arrested more than 120,000 drugs suspects, seized more than 2.4 billion baht in assets, and confiscated more than 260 million pills of illegal substances like methamphetamine, aka “speed”. Marijuana was the most common drug confiscated, with 53,000 kilograms. Almost 7,552 kilograms of crystal meth (ice) were found next, followed by quantities of heroin and ketamine.

Of the 2.4 billion baht worth of assets confiscated, nearly 820 million baht were for cars, followed by 700 million baht for real estate and 120 million baht for motorcycles. Various unnamed belongings were also confiscated from the suspects.

Nearly 200,000 drugs suspects were arrested during a similar period last year, according to a May 2021 report. Also seized were more than 300 million speed pills and 2,800 kilograms of heroin, worth more than 2 billion baht.

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