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Southwest Airlines’ Flight Attendants Decline Proposed Agreement.



Southwest Airlines' Flight Attendants Decline Proposed Agreement.

(CTN News) – The rejection of the proposed contract agreement between Southwest Airlines and its flight attendants has caused a setback in the ongoing negotiations.

With 64% of the attendants voting against the five-year deal, it is clear that the proposed contract did not meet their expectations or address their concerns.

The Transport Workers Union (TWU) Local 556, which represents nearly 19,000 flight attendants, voiced their dissatisfaction with the proposed contract, stating that it failed to address their demands for higher pay and improved work rules.

The flight attendants have been advocating for a better contract since their previous one expired in 2018. They believe that their hard work and dedication to the airline industry deserve to be recognized with higher wages and improved working conditions.

This rejection of the proposed contract is a clear indication that the attendants are not willing to settle for anything less than what they believe they deserve.

While Southwest Airlines is not the only airline currently negotiating with its flight attendants, the rejection of the proposed contract agreement highlights the challenges faced by the industry as a whole.

American Airlines and United Airlines are also in negotiations with their flight attendants, while Delta Air Lines’ attendants are not unionized.

This shows that flight attendants across different airlines are united in their pursuit of better contracts and improved working conditions.

Despite the rejection of the proposed contract, TWU Local 556 has expressed their commitment to returning to the bargaining table to achieve a collective agreement that meets the needs of the industry’s hardest-working flight attendants.

This demonstrates their determination to continue fighting for their rights and ensuring that their concerns are addressed.

The proposed contract from Southwest Airlines included a 20% pay raise starting next month, which would have provided immediate financial relief to the flight attendants. Additionally, the agreement included provisions for paid parental and maternity leave with insurance coverage, which would have been a significant improvement for the attendants.

However, it seems that these provisions were not enough to sway the flight attendants to accept the proposed contract.

They are looking for a more comprehensive agreement that not only addresses their immediate concerns but also provides long-term stability and fair compensation.

While the rejection of the proposed contract is a setback for Southwest Airlines, the negotiations are still ongoing. The airline is still in the process of reaching a contract deal with its pilots, and it remains to be seen how this rejection will impact those negotiations.

Overall, the rejection of the proposed contract agreement between Southwest Airlines and its flight attendants highlights the ongoing struggle for fair compensation and improved working conditions in the airline industry. The flight attended.


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