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Songkran Boosts Record High Pattaya hotel Occupancy

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Songkran Boosts Record High Pattaya hotel Occupancy

(CTN News) — Pattaya’s hotel industry is experiencing a surge, with some hotels at over 90% occupancy due to Songkran.

According to Wit Tantivorawong, Managing Director, Grand Center Point Hotels, one of Thailand’s premier hotel brands, is experiencing a sharp increase in occupancy in Bangkok and Pattaya.

Thailand’s hotel occupancy rate has reached 85%, with room rates averaging 6,000 baht per night in Bangkok. Pattaya has seen an even greater increase, with occupancy rates reaching 90% and peaking at 99% on some days.

A premium hotel room in Pattaya costs between 5,000 and 6,000 baht per day during the week and 7,000-8,000 baht on weekends, according to Mr. Wit.

According to Mr. Wit, Thais now make up 30% of visitors, up from 40% to 50% in the past. Chinese tourists make up another 30%, and Japanese and Koreans make up the rest. This rise in Chinese visitors isn’t just seen at hotels.

Chris Cherdsuriya, chief advisor to Honor Group’s executive board, said the company’s hotels are currently experiencing 85% occupancy rates, with bookings extending into May.

Approximately 60-65% of the guests are international tourists, both independent travelers and tour groups. Korean tourists are the main guests, usually around 20 people per group.

In Taiwan, Malaysia, Vietnam, and India, the hotels attract a lot of visitors.

ORIGINAL STORY: Thailand Extends Songkran Festival to 21 Days

Thailand’s government has stated that the World Songkran Festival 2024 will occur countrywide from April 1 to April 21. The festivities will last not just a few days but an entire month, making it a truly world-class event spanning all 76 provinces of Thailand.

The announcement comes after Unesco officially recognized the Songkran event as humanity’s intangible cultural heritage.

The United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) had already given the Culture Ministry a certificate certifying the festival.

The essence of the Songkran Festival rests in its deeply ingrained customs and rituals, which represent renewal, appreciation, and communal solidarity.

From the ceremonial pouring of water on monks on Song Nam Phra Day to the joyful water fights and vibrant processions of Buddha images, every part of this festival is rich in tradition and importance.

Songkran Festival Thailand 2024

The Songkran Festival, commonly known as the Thai New Year, is a bright and major Thai celebration.

Songkran Festival commemorates the commencement of the Thai New Year and has profound cultural and religious origins, representing the washing away of misfortunes and preparing for a new beginning.

The festival is a time for families to gather, pray for prosperity, and remember their ancestors.

One of the most recognizable parts of Songkran is the water festival that precedes the festivities. Water battles fill the streets, symbolizing the removal of negativity from the previous year and the arrival of joy and vigor in the new year.

Locals and visitors participate in the fun, prepared with water pistols and buckets to enjoy the refreshing celebrations.

Chiang Mai to Open Entire Province for Songkran Festival 2022

Songkran is a time of devotion and enthusiasm for traditional customs and ceremonies. These could include going to temples to make offerings, pouring scented water on Buddha statues for blessings, and seeking elders’ blessings for good fortune and success in the new year. Read More

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