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Seven Benefits of Having a Golden Doodle Around Your Kids

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Seven Benefits of Having a Golden Doodle Around Your Kids

If you’re thinking about buying a dog for the sake of your kids, think about having a Golden doodles. For real, no jokes! Although many people might try to discourage you with talks of “Golden Doodles demand a lot of parenting,” “They’re high maintenance,” “They require too much grooming to raise them.”

The load of kid-friendly benefits they offer is definitely worth more than any effort expended on them.

From a size and appearance perspective, they’re the closest thing your kid can have to a teddy bear. From a companionship perspective, they’re the closest thing your 3-year old can have to a human friend. And in terms of smartness and intelligence, they’re the best non-human creature you want your kid to grow up with.

That said, here are some of the biggest benefits of having a Golden Doodle around your kids at home.

They help kids get rid of allergies and save you from the stress of vacuuming.

It is widely reported that dogs generally seem to prevent allergies, with some reports even going as far as saying the more dogs you live with as an infant, the lower your chance of developing asthma, hay fever, or eczema later in life. On the downside, though, most dogs shed hairs, meaning that you’ll have a lot of cleaning and vacuuming to do all year round.

If you’re bringing a dog into the house to help kids deal with future allergies, you may as well bring one that saves you – the parent – the stress of excessive vacuuming.

Luckily, Golden Doodle is one such dog!

They don’t shed at all!

Very adaptable

Do your kids like to play fetch, swim, hike, walk, dance, watch TV, play board games, or run around the house? Well, it doesn’t matter what it is they like to do best; a Golden Doodle is always happy to join in on the act.

They’re a very active dog, and there’s basically no kid-oriented activity they can’t partake in.

Help teach responsibility

Having a Goldendoodle with kids is a great way to teach your kid responsibility.  You can assign even young kids’ tasks.  These can be as easy as picking up the dog’s toys each night to refilling the water bowl or feeding the dog every day.  As your kids get older, these tasks can change to taking the dog for a walk or making sure that your dog gets their daily medications.

A good pet for kids allergic to dogs

Another reason to buy a Golden Doodle is that they make a great pet for kids suffering from allergies.

If you have a kid who’s allergic to dogs, chances are their allergies are to the dander that dogs shed around the house.

Luckily, thanks to the hypoallergenic nature of Golden Doodles, your kid doesn’t have to worry about dog furs littering the house.

Super friendly and always available

With everybody in the family busy doing one thing or another, it can be hard finding that one person who’s always fully committed to keeping the company of the kids in the house.

The good news is Golden Doodles can play this role perfectly well.

They’re smart enough to play tricks with kids (many kids love teaching their dogs a trick). They’re friendly enough to act like a pal. Playful and energetic enough to handle just about anything thrown at them.

Used as a service animal

Goldendoodles have wonderful traits that make the great to be a service animal.  These dogs are very easy to train to do certain tasks such as leading the blind, opening doors, and alerting people that their owner is in trouble.  This breed is growing in popularity as a service animal.  A Goldendoodle would be a great breed to consider to be a service animal for kids.

Very Social

Goldendoodles are very social and love to be around people.  This makes them a great family dog.  They are very easy-going temperament makes meeting new people with your dog easy.  These dogs are not aggressive towards non-family members, meaning kids can happily show them off to visiting friends.  Having a Goldendoodle for your kids to grow up with is a built-in best friend.


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