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Huzefa Vana – A Motivation for All Entrepreneurs and Startups

“Don’t worry about winning but work towards is much more important, and success will follow naturally.” Huzefa Vana



Huzefa Vana – A Motivation for All Entrepreneurs and Startups

Huzaifa Vana is a self-made entrepreneur who deals with the diamond mercantile. He is also the owner of IRAM Jewelers. He is currently residing in Dubai and was originally from Mumbai. As Huzefa always dreamt, he is now a successful entrepreneur. Doing business makes him happy, but we all know that running a business is not a piece of cake. It takes a lot of hard work, intelligence, and determination to take your business to the highest level.

Huzefa proved himself by struggling for ten years. He created his domain with the power and strength of will. As Robert Mckee said, “Most of life’s actions are within our reach, but decisions take willpower.”

Background of Huzaifa Vana

Huzefa Vana is originally from Mumbai. He worked harder and harder to fly this height. After a lot of struggling in Mumbai, he came to Dubai and continues his efforts to achieve his dream of becoming an entrepreneur. He started his diamond business ‘IRAM Jewelers’, and after ten years, his hard work paid.

Western LLC IRAM Jewelers is now one of the top-ranked jewelers in the industry. Ten years is a long time, but if a person believes in himself and stays determined, they can achieve anything. Huzefa has faced many ups and downs, but he did not lose his hope; instead, he continues his work.

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What motivated Huzefa to become an Entrepreneur?

This question will come to our head of how a boy from India became one of Dubai’s successful businessmen. When asked by him, he said that he always wanted to become a successful businessman, not only because it provides good fortune but also because it makes him happy.

He likes to deal with people. Aside from his passion for becoming a businessman, he likes to help needy people. He wanted to help the poor people from his country and other third world countries that need help. At present, he is working for the well-being of people in many countries. He is cooperating with many NGOs who can take care of deprived people.

Huzefa as a Social Worker

When some of us hear the word businessman, we do not imagine him as a soft person but believe us, not reality. At least not in the case of Huzefa Vana.

Huzefa is a kind and a soft-hearted person who tries to help anyone he can. He tries to be available 24×7 hours for anyone who is genuinely in need of his help. Moreover, he is working with many NGOs that work for people’s well-being, especially the ones who take care of children and feed them. Most of these NGOs, whom Huzefa works with, run in India, Africa, and Dubai. In an interview, Huzefa said, “If you can help others, then you should do so. If not, then there is no point in being successful“.

This kindness has let Huzefa earn the love and respect of the people around him. They call him “Ali Bhai” with love and respect. This shows us that in person, he is capable of love and deserves respect. He is a golden-hearted hero who knows how many people he has saved from trouble. According to him, helping others bring happiness to him.

What does Huzefa want to advise new entrepreneurs?

Being a great businessman and a social worker, Huzefa is motivation and stimulation for many people. He is a role model as a welfare worker and businessman, especially for new start-ups in the industry. The path of his success was not simple and easy.

He has faced all kinds of troubles that an entrepreneur could face; still, he managed to survive and took his company to the top of the industry. Huzefa said, “Don’t worry about winning but work towards is much more important, and success will follow naturally.” According to him, starting a new business requires very much potential and confidence. It would help if you focused on your aim even when your aim or goal is not clear.

Final Words

If a person gets determined, he can achieve anything. The fear is just in our heads. Suppose we believe in ourselves and overcome the fear. In that case, you will see the one thing that was only imaginable at a time will become a reality. In other words, having an aim or goal can take you to the above heights.

It gives you strength and passion for living and working hard. However, we have to beat the obstacles and hurdles to achieve the goal. As they say, success never comes in a silver spoon.

Huzefa Vana is a treasure and ideal for the industry’s people, and we thank him and wish him good luck for more in his life! To get daily updates of him, check him on Instagram at


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