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Premier Inn Mattress – Why You Should Buy It



Inn Mattress

Nothing beats the feel-good factor of having an undisturbed sleep at night. A sound sleep leaves you refreshed and rejuvenated for the next day while the opposite leaves you drowsy and cranky. Often, sleeping in hotels feels luxurious and more peaceful because of the comfortable mattresses.

Premier Inn mattresses are super soft and provide the users with ultimate luxury. Buying a Premier Inn mattress for your home means that your luxurious sleep does not end right after checking out from the hotel.

What makes a Premier Inn mattress special?

This mattress is meticulously handcrafted and has the finest raw materials in it. The materials are eco-friendly which means that the mattress is totally recyclable and will not leave any toxic waste for the environment.

These mattresses are used by every Premier Inn hotel. Hypnos produces the mattresses and has been satisfying customers with their Premier Inn mattresses for over two decades now. Once you sleep on this mattress, you will understand the height of comfort and luxury this mattress provides. The traditionally handmade mattress comes with three layers – pocket springs, a wool top layer and a tufted mattress cover.

What makes the Premier Inn mattress so comfortable?

Pocket springs – Each Premier Inn mattress has a thousand pocket springs wrapped in hypoallergenic fabric for maximum comfort and luxury. These springs are in their own individual pockets and thus can move independently from one another. The more pocket springs a mattress has, the more comfortably you can sleep.

Natural wool layer – The Premier Inn mattress features a natural wool pillow top layer for increased comfort. Being highly breathable, wool has amazing moisture-wicking technology and prevents the mattress from becoming overheated. Even if you sweat during sleep, the wool top layer will keep your temperature stable and thus pave the way for sound sleep.

Hand-tufted cover – The hand-tufted cover gives stability to the Premier Inn mattress and retains its shape even after years. The hypoallergenic cover is often sprayed with a chemical-free retardant that keeps the mattress natural.

Is the Premier Inn mattress suitable for you?

The Premier Inn mattress suits most people. The wool layer and the pocket springs combination work well for the majority of people and give them the utmost comfort and luxury while sleeping. If you are a restless sleeper, this mattress can be particularly beneficial for you.

People with allergies or those who sweat profusely during sleep can use the Premier Inn mattress to avoid these problems and sleep soundly. Also, these mattresses are fairly priced and are environment-friendly. Thus, the Premier Inn mattresses are essentially a great choice for everyone.


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