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Police Say Pretty “Yoko” Died from Cyanide Poisoning

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Police Say Pretty "Yoko" Died from Cyanide Poisoning

Police have declared that Prawrawee “Yoko” Sahatthatphong, a 28-year-old auto show model known as Pretty, committed suicide, citing a cyanide bottle and a suicide note discovered at the scene as primary evidence.

On Monday, Pol Maj Gen Noppasin Poonsawat, deputy Metropolitan Police Commissioner, stated that all evidence, including witness testimony and CCTV footage, had been thoroughly verified.

“Pretty” Prawrawee died on November 1 of last year in her Ekkamai condominium. The autopsy revealed that she died from cyanide poisoning, with at least 1.26 micrograms per millilitre discovered in her circulation.

Many items found in her room pointed to suicide, including a vial of cyanide pills and depressive medication ingested by the deceased.

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Metropolitan Police Division 5 commander Pol Maj Gen Wittawat Chinkham stated that the suicide letter, written at 8.56 am, was addressed to her partner. Her phone contained both the note and a history of online searches for cyanide capsules.

Prawrawee’s mother, on the other hand, was sceptical about her daughter’s death, citing an unusual 33-minute time gap in her condominium’s CCTV footage as well as her “normal” appearance despite having depression.

She was suspicious about the Pretty’s boyfriend, who had access to her chamber but had never met her daughter before her death.

Pol Maj Gen Wittawat explained the unusual time difference between Prawrawee entering the condominium’s elevator at 6.43 am and seeing her strolling along the corridor at 7.20 am. However, the information is not yet available to the general public.

Meanwhile, Pol Maj Gen Wittawat stated that the CCTV tape did not show anyone entering the deceased’s chamber at the time of the alleged suicide.

He added that the police are prepared to address all inquiries surrounding the pretty’s death but that more time is required for detectives to reach a thorough conclusion.

According to Atchariya Reuangrattanapong, chairman of the Help Crime Victims Club, the case has 15 suspicious elements. He planned to accompany Prawrawee’s mother to a meeting with the lead investigator at Khlong Tan Police Station on Wednesday at 9 am.

 Crime Thailand’s Serial Killer “Aem Cyanide”

Cyanide-related deaths in Thailand

Cyanide deaths in Thailand have recently made headlines, causing shock and disbelief throughout the country. The use of cyanide as a fatal poison has resulted in several unfortunate events, leaving many in the country very concerned.

Last year, a Thai woman was suspected of poisoning dozens of people with cyanide, resulting in a horrific number of deaths. The incidents have highlighted the fatal effects of cyanide poisoning and raised severe concerns about public safety and knowledge.

The Thai woman accused of these horrible atrocities has been charged with many charges of murder, demonstrating the gravity of the issue. The use of cyanide as a lethal weapon in these cases has resulted in not only the loss of life but also widespread dread and doubt in society.

The spate of cyanide poisonings in Thailand has had a significant impact on society, prompting increased vigilance and a call for stronger safety measures. The frightening nature of these instances has forced authorities to conduct extensive investigations and establish preventive measures to guarantee the public’s safety and well-being.

The fatal effects of cyanide poisonings have also sparked debate about mental health awareness and the significance of identifying and addressing any risk factors that could lead to such tragic consequences.

It has become critical for the community to band together and lobby for policies that will prevent similar events. The recent cyanide deaths in Thailand have sparked serious concerns about public safety and the need for increased security measures in a variety of contexts.

As the country deals with the fallout from these unfortunate events, authorities must prioritize transparency and quick action in resolving the underlying flaws that contributed to these incidents.

The Thai police’s efforts to conclude their investigation into the serial ‘cyanide murderer’ show a dedication to holding those involved accountable and delivering justice for the victims and their families.

These measures are critical to regaining public trust in the community’s safety and security.

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