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Police in Thailand Arrest Australian Hells Angels Gang Leader



Police in Thailand Arrest Australian Hells Angels Gang Leader

Immigration officers in Thailand detained an Australian man, 31 suspected of being the leader of the Hell’s Angels wanted on drug and firearm charges after he entered the country using an Italian passport.

The chief of Immigration Police, Pol.Lt.Gen.Itthiphon Itthisanronnachai, announced the arrest of Mr. Elices (pseudonym), 31, for illegally entering Thailand on a tourist visa using a stolen Italian passport. On a private chartered jet, he arrived in Thailand.

Following coordination from Australian police, Immigration Police located the suspect at a luxury condo in Bangkok’s Thonglor district.

Immigration Police detectives forwarded his fingerprint to the Australian Federal Police for comparison with the Australian database.The AFP discovered that the suspect’s fingerprints matched those of the wanted suspect, linked the the Hell’s Angels.

Elices is a prominent suspect in Australia, with 38 arrest warrants filed against him, 36 for guns and one each for the importation of 14 kilograms of methamphetamine and participation in a transnational criminal network.

He also has a criminal record for robbery and assaulting officials.

He is reported to be the leader of the Australian Hell’s Angels group, which operates a drug distribution network and imports both drugs and weaponry. Thai Immigration Police said Elices admitted escaping Australia with an Italian passport and applying to stay longer in Thailand.

He further stated that he attempted to flee after knowing that the Australian police had made contact with Thailand’s Immigration police via the Australian Embassy.

Yakuza gang member arrested

Yakuza gang member arrested

On Wednesday, immigration officers arrested two Japanese men as part of a crackdown on foreign offenders or those suspected of having ties to organized crime syndicates.

Masao, 36, and Susuki, 24, Japanese nationals (last names withheld), were apprehended in a luxury real-estate property in Bangkok’s Pattanakarn district as police were investigating a group of Japanese nationals suspected of being involved in the illegal drug trade.

The group of four to five persons garnered police attention because they frequently moved locations and drove vehicles registered in other people’s names.

Immigration officers then discovered that one of the gang members, Mr Masao, had an outstanding arrest order from the Phra Khanong Criminal Court for alleged theft.

The suspect had taken a housemaid’s cellphone, prompting her to submit a police report. According to reports, the phone recorded the group’s suspicious behavior. Mr Masao confirmed to being the person named on the warrant during his detention. During the search, police detained Mr Susuki, who had overstayed his visa.

According to Japanese authorities, Mr Masao was allegedly involved in 18 criminal cases involving a Yakuza gang, while Mr Susuki was allegedly involved in three criminal cases in Japan.

Foreign Gangs in Thailand

Foreign Gangs in Thailand

Thailand, like many other countries, faces transnational organized crime concerns, including the existence of foreign criminal gangs engaging in drug trafficking, human trafficking, and illicit gaming. Some of these operations are frequently associated with larger regional and worldwide criminal networks.

Thailand’s law enforcement agencies work to combat these illicit activities and partner with other countries to tackle transnational gangs. The situation might change, and international gangs‘ presence and operations may be focused in specific areas or include specific sorts of criminal enterprises.

If you’re looking for the most up-to-date information about foreign gangs in Thailand, I recommend examining local news sources, official law enforcement updates, or international crime monitoring organizations. Remember that information about criminal acts is frequently sensitive, and accurate details are not always readily available to the public.


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