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Bard Supercharged As OpenAI’s ChatGPT Leads Chatbot Race

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Bard Supercharged As OpenAI's ChatGPT Leads Chatbot Race

(CTN News) – Google, a subsidiary of Alphabet Inc., announced on Tuesday that Bard, its generative artificial intelligence system, would be equipped with the ability to fact check responses and analyse Google users’ personal data so as to provide more personalized services.

As part of its efforts to maintain a competitive position against ChatGPT, Google has taken this move.

In response to ChatGPT’s debut last year, a chatbot developed by OpenAI, a company backed by Microsoft, led to a competitive race within the tech industry for consumers to have access to generative AI technology as early as possible.

It was during this time that ChatGPT became the fastest growing consumer application in history, and now, ChatGPT ranks among the top 30 websites in the world in terms of traffic.

Despite this, Bard has not been able to experience the same level of success as Harvard.

 During the month of August, it received 183 million visits, which is only 13% of what ChatGPT received, according to Similarweb, a website analytics firm.

In order to make headway in the rapidly evolving AI landscape, Google is introducing Extensions, allowing users to import data from other Google products directly into Bard.

Users can request to search their files in Google Drive or to provide a summary of their Gmail mailbox, for example.

In the short term, Bard users will be able to pull information in from Google apps, but Google is working with external companies to connect their apps to Bard in the future, according to Google senior product director Jack Krawczyk.

Bard also includes a new feature that seeks to alleviate one of the nagging problems facing generative AI: inaccurate responses known as “hallucinations”.

As a result of this feature, Bard users will be able to see which parts of  answers are different from and agree with Google’s search results.

The way we present (Bard) is in a way that it admits when it is not confident,” Krawczyk said, explaining that the intention is to build users’ trust in generative AI by holding accountable when it is not confident.

It is also possible to invite others into conversations using Bard, which is a third new feature.


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