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Pensioner Finds Headless Corpse During Morning Beach Stroll

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A pensioner out for a morning beach stroll got the shock of his life when he stumbled upon a headless corpse on Wednesday morning.

Taweesak Singthong, 72, told police he found the decomposing remains near the shoreline on a beach in Songkhla, southern Thailand. Upon the gruesome beach discovery, he immediately called the police.

The same morning, the police and a doctor from Songkhla Hospital attended the incident to check it out.

The top half of the body was mostly bone, with not much flesh remaining. Most of the body was buried in the beach sand. However, the head was missing. There was no information about the deceased’s gender or how they died, police said.

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A search was underway for missing person records; the remains were taken to Songkhla Hospital for examination.

In other news, a 60-year-old fisherman died after his fishing boat capsized near Saphan Hin Beach in Phuket. His body was found by rescue teams and the Royal Thai Navy.

According to the Captain, his boat sank at approximately 8 p.m. on Saturday. After swimming for hours in the water, he and another fisherman managed to reach the coast around midnight.
The other fisherman did not make it, and his body was found on the beach the following day.The surviving fisherman reportedly police he thought his crewman would survive and didn’t inform any authorities until finding out that he had disappeared.

According to the Thaiger police said there were no traces of attack and officers suspect the death was an accident, but the investigation is still open.

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