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A Comprehensive Guide to Cat Eye Glasses

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Vintage, cat eye glasses are timeless and can go with almost any face shape. Whether you have an oval, square, round or heart-shaped face, you can really pull them off. Cat eye glasses come in a variety of styles, from vintage, vibrantly coloured cat-eye glasses to semi-rimless, wireframe cat eyeglasses with a modest eyebrow arch.

But how do you decide which ones are the best choice for you? There are a number of factors that affect this decision – the shape of your face, your personality, the weight, where and when you will be wearing them, your colour and style preferences, and more. You have a lot of alternatives in cat eye glasses because they have embraced so many various trends over their half-century or so of cultural dominance.

Cat eye glasses guide as per the face type

There are various retro-chic variants of the vintage, classic cat eye style. Before you move on to make a decision, you first need to know about the different types of cat eye glasses out there. So, here is a short guide to help you figure that out. This will help you understand what type of cat eyeglasses would suit your face shape the best.

  • Cat eye glasses for oblong shaped faces
    In the same way that an oval face shape is longer than it is wide, an oblong face shape has a similar structure, but with a straight cheek line. Cat eyeglasses, especially those with filigree, color blocked accents, unique patterns on the brow line, or rhinestones, are ideal for this face type since they have bold curves and decorative details on the temple area. If you have an oblong face, do not be afraid of making a statement with your glasses. Just go crazy!
  • Cat eye glasses for square faces
    People with squared faces often look for glasses and accessories that lengthen their faces and make their features look a little softer. Narrow frames lengthen the face, and cat-eye glasses with upturned wings balance a square face. If you have a square-shaped face, avoid square or rectangular frames and opt for a winged shape with rounded sides to soften your features.
  • Cat eye glasses for round faces
    If you have a round face, chances are you want your features to look a little sharper and stand out, giving definition to your face. You can choose angular cat eye glasses to draw attention away from rounder cheeks or a broader jawline. A round face will also look good with an oversized frame that bends upwards or is thicker.
  • Cat eye glasses for heart shaped faces
    If you have a heart-shaped face, cat eye frames that are broader than your brow might look the best on you. As an additional tip, you can choose light hues or go strong with classic tortoiseshell frames with ornate corners for a well-balanced look.
  • Cat eye glasses for triangle faces
    A triangle face is basically the opposite of a heart shaped face and resembles a pyramid. The cheekbones are no wider than the chin or forehead in people with this face shape, and the jaw is wider than the forehead. Standard cat eyes are great for this face type because they emphasize the upper half of the face while balancing out the heavier bottom half and lifting the cheekbones, creating slimline lines and emphasizing the cheeks. The classic cat eyeglasses truly complement this face shape.
  • Cat eye glasses for oval faces
    There are many glasses for oval faces such as cat eye. Almost any cat eye style, from enormous to slender, narrow frames, looks well on oval faces. If you are unsure about which pair is best for you, you can always choose frames that are somewhat broader than the widest portion of your face as a general rule.
  • Cat eye glasses for diamond shaped faces
    For a diamond shaped face, rimless or semi-rimless spectacles are ideal. To balance your jawline and soften your overall appearance, you can choose angular cat eye glasses with substantial wings.
  • Cat eye glasses for pear shaped faces
    Cat eye glasses with an angular square form or aviator inspired cat eye glasses work best with pear-shaped faces that have a narrow forehead and a broader jawline. People with this face shape can also try experimenting with a wide range of colors, depending on a number of different factors.

No matter what the shape of your face or the color of your skin is, it all comes down to what you really like. These are mere tips that can help you get started and look for a pair of glasses under a smaller bracket. But if you like a pair that is the complete opposite of what “fashion experts” suggest, stop thinking about it and just make the purchase already! What matters is that you feel confident and bring out the fabulous diva from within.


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