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What are Zip Ties, and what are they used for



What are Zip Ties, and what are they used for

Zip ties aka cable ties are a simple yet immensely useful tool for fastening bundles of cables and wires. They not only keep the wires and cables organized but also prevent damage.

These seemingly simple tools are used in hundreds and thousands of ways in numerous industries including that commercial, recreational, industrial, and residential areas.

There are different varieties of zip ties including nylon and stainless zip ties. Each kind has its specialized use. But, one thing is common in all – they are so simple that they do not need any specialization at the buyer’s end.

Let us try to understand these simple tool and their uses in different industries.

What are zip ties used for?

Zip ties, by their simplest definition, are fasteners. They are used to hold items safely and securely. Most commonly they are used to tie and hold cables and wires together in a safe and managed bundle.

Though today they are put to many different uses originally the invention was done for holding cables. This is the reason zip ties are commonly called cable ties too. By the way, they are called by yet another name including tie wrap, hose tie, etc.

Our discussion to the point might make you picture zip ties being used only for securing bundles of cables and wires. So, let us give you some other examples where you can see zip ties being put to use.

Zip ties are used to tie boxes of parcels and container trucks for the purpose of security. They ensure that the parcel boxes are not tampered with during transit.

So, here the zip ties are used more for security purposes rather than the purpose of keeping items managed. You might also find small nylon zip ties being used in retail stores for securing shopping bags.

They are also frequently used in the food industry for purposes other than fastening wires.

What are the industries that use zip ties?

You must already be clear that zip ties are not limited to a particular industry. They are frequently used in varieties of industries for different purposes.

Let us give you a few common examples of industries that use zip ties. They are used in much more diversified ways than a layperson can imagine.

Aerospace Industry 

The aerospace industry was the first industry to use zip ties. The first zip ties were invented in 1958 under the brand name Ty-Rap and were invented for wire harnesses for airplanes.

Aircraft have very complex electrical systems and they require varieties of zip ties to keep the wires sorted and under control. The original zip ties invented for the industry had a metal tooth to hold the heavy sets of wires airplanes have.

Agriculture and Food Industry

Cables will be the last thing that comes to your mind when you think about the agriculture and food industries. But, cable ties are used very frequently here.

They are used to attach harvest tags, fasten plants and branches, tag sacks and mesh bags, and for storing the product safely.

Zip ties keep things secure and easy to manage by color coding. The food industry necessitates the use of metal-detectable cable ties by law to avoid risks of contamination.

Construction and Mining Industry 

Construction and Mining industries have varieties of bundling needs. Some items need to be bundled securely for transportation purposes.

The cable ties used in both these industries need to be sturdy and able to resist harsh environmental conditions like very high and very low temperatures, rust, water, etc. The zip ties are put to varieties of uses from holding fragile wiring to securing scaffolding.

Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry around the world uses zip ties for various purposes like keeping stray cables of heavy medical machinery organized.

Medical devices besides the patient’s bed and wires that need to go underneath the patient’s bed are secured with zip ties.

Bio-hazard waste bags are secured using zip ties to avoid any accidental spilling. Medical samples too are kept secure using cable ties.

Marine Industry 

Just like the aerospace industry, the marine industry too needs to deal with a hefty amount of wires and cables. The industry uses cable ties to keep its huge numbers of wires and cables sorted and managed. The zip ties used in the industry need to withstand water and other damaging environmental conditions.

Railway Industry 

Cable ties are a very useful tool in the railway industry too. The railway industry needs to keep varieties of cables well-sorted. Zip ties are the perfect solution.

Solar Industry 

Harsh chemicals like chloride are frequently used in the solar panel industry. And the zip ties used here also need to withstand UV rays. No other tool than a zip tie can be a perfect solution for all fastening and bundling needs of the solar industry.

Telecom Industry 

Maximized network efficiency is the basic need of the telecom industry and this requires quick and efficient categorization of wires.

You already know there can’t be any other better option than zip ties to keep the wires and cables bundled and sorted.

Thousands of cables are used even in the small units of the telecom industry. Zip ties keep everything secure and well-managed here.

Where to get your zip ties from?

Zip ties come in various shapes, sizes, and materials. So, you need to be very sure about the uses for which the zip tie has to be put in.

If you are a business based in areas like Ohio, Michigan, Virginia, Florida, Georgia, New York, etc., Cable Ties Unlimited is the number 1 place to serve your cable tie needs.

They provide cable ties of all sorts including extreme temperature, double loop, clamp head, beaded, heat stabilized, metal detectable, color, heavy-duty, extra heavy duty, releasable, etc.

Different industries and different businesses need a different kinds of cable ties to serve their purpose. So, you should consider a seller that offers you a wide range of options to choose from.

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