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Pakistani Students Studying in the United States Increase by 17%

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Pakistani Students Studying in the United States Increase by 17%

(CTN News) – According to a United States government estimate, 17 percent more Pakistani students were studying in the country in 2021–2022 than the previous year.

The report, made public in Washington this week, states that students from Bangladesh, Nepal, India, and Pakistan are becoming more common in the United States, which continues to be their top choice for studying abroad.

Bangladesh led the list in South Asia with a 23% growth year over year, followed by a 19% increase in India.

The biggest US-funded Fulbright program in the world, which sends 150 Pakistanis to study at US colleges each year (100 for master’s degrees and 50 for PhDs), is in Pakistan.

Additionally, 800 Pakistanis are sponsored by the US annually to go on exchange programs, ranging from professionals to high school kids spending a year at a US high school.


Consequently, Pakistan is home to the world’s biggest alumni network for exchange programs financed by the United States government.

China and India are the main foreign student exporters to the United States, according to the “Open Doors Report on International Educational Exchange,” which was released this week.

China sent 290,086 students to the US for the current academic year, or 30.6 percent of all foreign students there.

However, compared to the previous academic year, there has been a reduction of 8.6%. India, which sent 199,183 students this year, or 21% of the total, saw a rise of 19% over the previous year.

The bulk (almost 52%) of all overseas students studying in the United States are from China and India.

According to this year’s statistics, 91 percent fewer US students studied abroad in 2020–2021. This is reportedly the case since 62% of US institutions now offer virtual internships due to the Covid-19 epidemic.

The most recent statistics, which cover the 2021–2022 academic year, show that the overall number of foreign students in the United States— 948,519 — has begun to rebound, despite the pandemic also causing a 45.6pc fall in new international students in 2020.

A 3.8 percent rise above the 914,095 foreign students in the United States in 2020 demonstrates this. The quantity is much less than the almost 1.1 million foreign students recorded in 2018.

The number of new foreign students has increased recently, reaching 261,961, an increase of 80 percent over the 145,528 in 2020 but still a decrease of 2.14 percent from 267,712 in 2019.

China has enrolled more students in US institutions than any other nation during the previous ten years.

Travel between China and the United States was practically stopped when the worldwide pandemic broke out, and political unrest worsened the situation. Many Chinese parents believe their kids are safe in the US.

The Biden administration’s decision to prioritize processing student visas in India is also blamed for the rise of Indian students.

Chinese visa approvals are going lower than in previous years, despite increasing personnel at US embassies in India and simplifying the procedure.

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