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New Remote Work Culture Benefits Employees Will Love



Remote Work

As the virtual workspace becomes more common, employers need to provide greater benefits that reflect better remote work culture. The majority of perks that came from working at a decked-out office are no longer accessible, such as gyms and cafeterias.

Rather than expecting employees to simply go without or looking for an alternative that really can’t compete with the real thing, here are some remote employee work benefits to consider adding to your company. When considering which benefits are best for your employees, consider your existing culture. What do they value most, and what are they currently striving for? You can make these new changes a team effort as well by incorporating surveys to hear directly from your them and what they want most from their jobs when they work from home.

Meal Subscription Boxes

You may not be able to offer on-site breakfast and lunches, but you can help employees catch a break from cooking with meal boxes. Companies like Blue Apron and HelloFresh deliver ingredients and recipes directly to people’s doors, and you can even cultivate a list of the best meal subscription boxes and allow employees to choose which ones they receive. You may set a limit for several hundred dollars a year or a specific number of boxes. Giving employees the ability to choose when they place an order offers greater versatility and personal value.

Utility Bill Reimbursement

Working from home comes with increased living expenses. You can show your employees that you recognize this by recompensating some of the extra costs they spend each year on electricity and cable plans. Internet costs aren’t cheap, but people rely on the web to not only go to work but perform a wide variety of other tasks as well. Accessing services that make life easier, such as applying for a medical mmj card in Pennsylvania, to save time and money for a busy professional. By reimbursing a certain percentage of each employee’s annual utility expenses, you are contributing to their overall quality of life.

Amazon Book Vouchers

Once a month, offer to buy each employee benefits from a new book on Amazon Kindle. Perks like this promote self-care and personal development, two things every company culture can benefit from emphasizing more. Going paperless through Kindle also illustrates an organization’s commitment to sustainability and eco living. If employees don’t have a personal reader, that’s okay. They can use the free Kindle reading app to access all their books on a PC or smartphone.

Technology Allowances

Hardware and software aren’t cheap, and employees will be able to work better if they can stay up to date with the latest innovations. You can offer an allowance for technology upgrades up to $1,000 each year, or pay for a one-time purchase of a new laptop or desktop computer. You could also offer to pay for software subscriptions your employees need to perform their jobs, like Adobe Creative Cloud.


Even though they’re working from home, employees still need to have access to reliable childcare. They can’t be a full-time employee and caretaker to young children, so offering some type of reprieve by paying for some of the costs of daycare or online homeschooling programs. If this isn’t in the company budget, consider smaller gifts that benefit the family, like gift cards for children’s’ birthdays or covering the cost of educational app bundles on the App Store or Google Play.


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