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Pakistan Imposes a $830 Fee to Undocumented Refugees



Pakistan Imposes a $830 Fee to Undocumented Refugees

(CTN News) – Undocumented refugees wishing to leave Pakistan would be required to pay a cost of $830, according to Pakistan.

Those who entered the country illegally are subject to the departure charge.

If the 1.7 million unauthorized foreigners did not depart Pakistan by November 1st, as declared in October, the country will deport them.

Hundreds of thousands of Afghans fled their country in 2021 when the Taliban regained power, making up the majority.

The length of time a person has overstayed their visa will determine the charges against them.

Those returning to Afghanistan are not required to pay an exit fee.

Amnesty International and other organizations have reported that many Afghans who fled to Pakistan when the Taliban took over Kabul have had trouble obtaining the necessary papers.

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Even though it has stated that it will not acknowledge any Afghans residing within its borders as refugees, Pakistan is not a signatory to the Refugee Convention.

According to a senior Pakistani diplomat who spoke to the BBC, when applied to individuals being evacuated for humanitarian reasons, the cost is especially concerning.

“In many countries, if you overstay your visa you have to pay or you get booted out,” according to them.

Charging those we are bringing in on humanitarian visas is a major issue. Not necessarily our former employees but anyone the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) determines to have a humanitarian need. We are setting a terrible example here.

There have been positive early signs that the government may be revisiting the policy, according to the diplomat.

No one from Pak’s government approached the BBC about conducting a review.

Attempts are being made by the UNHCR to “resolve the issue,” according to the BBC.

We are urging the government to waive these rules for refugees.

“The Government and people of Pakistan have a commendable, decades-long history of providing asylum and protection to Afghan refugees, this needs to continue.”

Pakistani law, similar to other nations’ immigration policies, including the UK’s, imposes penalties and fines on those who violate immigration regulations or overstay their visas, according to a country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs representative.

“Any fines that Pakistan has imposed or will impose are in conformity with our laws.”

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