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Elon Musk Reveals Who Dislikes Him

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Elon Musk Reveals Who Dislikes Him

(CTN News) – A billionaire businessman and CEO of three giant companies in the US, Elon Musk, revealed to the media on Saturday about his personality mentioning who hates him and what type of person he is, as the entrepreneur considers himself to be the savior of humanity and the saviour of humanity’s future.

Under the terms of a contract with the US space agency NASA, the 52-year-old billionaire has been looking at taking humanity to the moon for the second time, with a goal of landing on Mars in the future.

It has been reported that Elon Musk, who is also the founder of the American neurotechnology company Neuralink, is also working to cure paralysis and neurological illness through the use of brain implants.

An old video uploaded by Ed Krassenstein on X – former Twitter – was cited as an example of Elon Musk ambitions, with references to electric cars, success with Starlink satellites, and more, by citing his ambitions with reference to electric cars and Starlink satellite success: “Elon Musk is restoring some of the abilities of quadriplegics. By introducing electric vehicles, he is helping the planet.”

In essence, he is going to take humanity to Mars, making us an interplanetary species that can live anywhere in the universe.

According to his post, Elon Musk is giving access to the internet to individuals, as well as helping them to move off of fossil fuels as we know them… Yet so many people dislike him despite his efforts.”

Additionally, the user added: “You always have to look at the motivations and goals of a man before you can make a judgement of his intentions… denigrating Elon for any bad intentions is a flawed argument if you take the time to examine it properly.”

During a response to the question on Elon Musk instagram account, he wrote: “The extinctionists will always hate me, because I am an expansionist.”

Neuralink, Musk’s brain chip company, announced this week that the company’s first implant recipient could use his neuro-processor to play chess on a computer thanks to an implant he received in January.

It is also worth noting that last week, his aerospace company conducted a third flight test for its Starship which was much more successful than the previous test flights.


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